Thursday, May 29, 2014

Honeysuckle Faire - The Blog

Hi and welcome to Honeysuckle Faire! If you stopped by here to learn about riding and retraining horses using only kindness and patience as your "aids" then you are at the right place. My name is Juliette Ober and I rescue and retrain off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) to be riding horses. No bits, lunging, or round pens are used in any training or riding yet safe, daily rides on young, sweet Thoroughbreds are happening at Honeysuckle Faire because my boys are happy, sane, and sound. 

Although after 400(!) posts I am no longer writing this blog, it is archived and still a good resource to trace the process I used to retrain three young Thoroughbreds. There is a handy search bar in the very top left corner of this page. (If you are reading this on a phone you will have to click on "View web version" to use the search bar.) The search works super well to index any topic I discussed over the years. Just enter the word or words you want to know more about and - presto - all the applicable posts will appear. I still use this feature all the time to revisit what has happened in the last five years at the barn with regard to horse behavior, horsekeeping questions, weather events, etc. Could not live without the search bar!

If you want to meander through the retraining information from the beginning (December 2008) you can use the Archive that is located at the top of the column to the right. Additionally, there is a formal presentation of my training philosophy on my Found in the Fog site

I've had the honor of writing articles for Equitrekking, the Emmy award-winning equestrian themed travel television show on PBS. My articles for Equitrekking are indexed and linked here.

My Instagram account is julietteober - definitely pop on over to see what I am doing with my horses each day! New and exciting adventures (like my recent fall off of Pie!) is always captured on Instagram so definitely follow me!

And, of course, I love hearing from you so please never hesitate to use good, ol' fashioned email to say "Hey!"

Hope this information helps keep you safe and your horses happy and eager for the daily ride! 
Take care,
Juliette Ober