Mechanicsburg Civil War Days

I had the unique opportunity to design posters to advertise the 150th Anniversary of the Confederate Occupation of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Our town is going to have a reenactment of the event on June 28, 29, 30. In June of 1863, the Confederate soldiers came east toward Harrisburg and stopped for three days in Mechanicsburg. While here, they were kind to our townspeople, but they did demand food to be provided for the three day occupation and they stole our civilians' hats! Apparently, at this late date in the war, the soldiers' clothes were pretty shabby and most of them were hatless. The story goes that the soldiers loved to trot by on horseback and steal the hats from the residents in town. 

Some historians posit that the Confederate soldiers were worn out and tired when they got to Gettysburg precisely because of riding so far east to our town and back to Gettysburg. 

Please visit the Downtown Mechanicsburg site at for more information and to order posters.

You can see other posters I've designed here.

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