Monday, January 27, 2014

We're oldest of friends

This picture of Foggy is from January 26, 2011, his first day at our farm - which happened to be my birthday. What a wonderful present on that day and every day since. He has filled out and become a little rotund lovebug. I can't say enough good things about this horse! Foggy is amazingly friendly and willing. He just melts my heart when I am around him. 

Yesterday was my 47th birthday and I rode the little Foggy all over the farm on the buckle. Our temperatures continue to be horrid, but my horses are sure sweet about it all. As we went up one hill, something scared him and he bucked a huge, rounded buck just like this photo. It hit right at the perfect time as I was leaning forward to reassure him so I was completely safe, thank goodness! Boy, I got lucky! He went back to his normal calm self in the next second. Foggy is very bouncy in spirit. He "boxes" with his front legs when he is turned out and pops around like a puppy. He is nine now, but he has very foal-like antics. I think his easy-going personality is a treasure in our life.

Next, I rode the sweet Pie, and Pie was equally adorable in his big, gentle giant way, but our ride was shorter. I just couldn't hack the cold. Our farm is covered in snow and the winds and air are frigid. I know it is the same for everyone. In 1967 when I was born it was a record warm week - temperatures around 71 degrees. We would be lucky if our temperatures were around 17 this year. Horsekeeping sucks in this weather, but I tell myself how fortunate I am to have them. So many days of the year are brighter because of horses. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another January Birthday Boy - Foggy!

Today is our Foggy's ninth birthday! He is the sweetest angel ever. Here he is on the right looking up from hay he was sharing with brother, Sovereign. Pie is in the background. I took this photo at 10 am this morning with our new snow and bluebird skies. It was 5 degrees, but no wind, thankfully!

By the way...this photo is untouched except for the added words - we really do have skies that blue. I have to remember this when I start grumbling!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday, Sovereign!

Today is our Sovey-boy's tenth birthday! I visited him this morning and gave him juicy birthday apples. It was 19 degrees. When he was born I'm sure it wasn't that cold - he was foaled in Ocala, Florida!

I will ride the sweet birthday boy later today. 

My friend, Barbara, from the Florida barn came up to visit me the last few days. She rode Sovey all over the farm on Friday. I was on Foggy and they were perfect horsey brothers for our ride. Barb didn't seem to mind the cold temperatures - I think she is crazy to come up here to visit in January!

Pie stayed behind in the small paddock and my mom kindly stayed with him and told him stories. My horses are not used to me riding with someone else so the third wheel gets all worked up about being left out. Pie loves my mom and enjoys her talking when she keeps him company. He can see us for some of the ride and whinnies at a high volume in my mom's ear the rest of the time to explain his displeasure about the situation.

Our ride was punctuated by the appearance of three deer at different locations. I am sure they were the same three, although I believe we have nine now in "our herd" that live on the farm. They thrive with our heated water buckets. Luckily, Sovey and Foggy didn't mind the deer joining in so Barb and I had a wonderful ride. 

I had to use our biggest girths on both horses! I rarely ride with a saddle so Barb's visit made it painfully obvious how chubby my horses are these days when I tacked up with saddles. Really, they are perfectly round - just right. I was so surprised though!

That Sovereign - ten years old and round and silly and just perfect. We sure do love him!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Still crazy after all these years...

As I raced back home from Maizie's tennis clinic in Hershey this evening all I could think of was talking to my mom. She goes to sleep with the chickens so I can't phone or text to discuss today's ride. Nothing much happened other than it was my first ride in three days which is why I am so giddy.

Missing a day of riding messes up my head. I live to ride. I am so horse nuts and honestly, all I do is think and talk about horses. That wicked cold snap kept me grounded, but today I was back on Piedy! At Maizie's clinic I kept talking to the other parents about my ride today. I know they could care less, but they were stuck with me for two hours. Luckily, they are my friends. Poor people.

Now, I am home and mom is asleep. Our conversations are silly anyway. They are always the same. I say, "Aren't the boys just so adorable?" And she says, "Yes, I love them." Then I say, "So do I!" And then I say, "Didn't Pie go good today?" And she says, "Yes, he did. They always go good." And then I say, "They are the best!" And then we repeat this conversation 1000 times.

So many stories to tell here on the blog from the past three cold days - all probably the same as yours. No riding. Ugh. Frozen buckets and hands. Ugh. I found out a bank barn without hay upstairs isn't so warm. UGH!!!! Worry. Double Ugh. But, all is fine now - hooray!

And, my book got a shot in the arm over the three day period because I had lots of time to write. Yay! Above and below are three sneak peeks. The top is the title page and middle is an infographic spread I designed about the full circle journey the indie rider takes. The bottom is page 40 and 41. 


I'm having a blast writing. The only thing I don't like about it is the sitting! I need a treadmill with my computer attached!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

'cause we believe in you

Another snowy ride on my Foggy boy this afternoon. I rarely ride him bareback because of his unusually high withers but today's cold temperatures demanded bareback for warmth. He was just adorable and we had a great ride over hill and dale.

Maizie's school got the brilliant idea that they should start back on January 2nd this year. Ick. So she went today, but then Mother Nature's powdery gift that arrived during my Foggy ride has made our Friday morning happier - the school just sent a text - two hour delay tomorrow!!!! Hooray!

Update - Friday morning - 8:23am - No School!!! La, la, la...