Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another January Birthday Boy - Foggy!

Today is our Foggy's ninth birthday! He is the sweetest angel ever. Here he is on the right looking up from hay he was sharing with brother, Sovereign. Pie is in the background. I took this photo at 10 am this morning with our new snow and bluebird skies. It was 5 degrees, but no wind, thankfully!

By the way...this photo is untouched except for the added words - we really do have skies that blue. I have to remember this when I start grumbling!


  1. Happy birthday to Foggy and Sovereign!!

  2. Happy Birthday Foggy! Enjoy your beautiful blue skies and hay today.

  3. Happy birthday to both boys! It's been a beautiful winter here too, although a bit on the cold side as well.


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