Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday, Sovereign!

Today is our Sovey-boy's tenth birthday! I visited him this morning and gave him juicy birthday apples. It was 19 degrees. When he was born I'm sure it wasn't that cold - he was foaled in Ocala, Florida!

I will ride the sweet birthday boy later today. 

My friend, Barbara, from the Florida barn came up to visit me the last few days. She rode Sovey all over the farm on Friday. I was on Foggy and they were perfect horsey brothers for our ride. Barb didn't seem to mind the cold temperatures - I think she is crazy to come up here to visit in January!

Pie stayed behind in the small paddock and my mom kindly stayed with him and told him stories. My horses are not used to me riding with someone else so the third wheel gets all worked up about being left out. Pie loves my mom and enjoys her talking when she keeps him company. He can see us for some of the ride and whinnies at a high volume in my mom's ear the rest of the time to explain his displeasure about the situation.

Our ride was punctuated by the appearance of three deer at different locations. I am sure they were the same three, although I believe we have nine now in "our herd" that live on the farm. They thrive with our heated water buckets. Luckily, Sovey and Foggy didn't mind the deer joining in so Barb and I had a wonderful ride. 

I had to use our biggest girths on both horses! I rarely ride with a saddle so Barb's visit made it painfully obvious how chubby my horses are these days when I tacked up with saddles. Really, they are perfectly round - just right. I was so surprised though!

That Sovereign - ten years old and round and silly and just perfect. We sure do love him!


  1. That sounds wonderful! Was Barb cold at all or was she bundled up tight? I have to snicker at Pie shrieking in your mum's ear! Horse whinnies can be VERY LOUD! I wonder if she was snickering too--I bet he loved all of her stories, I know I would have! Sometimes staying in the barn hearing stories is not so bad at all. Especially if a thermos of hot cocoa is involved. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOVEY!!!!! Nothing could be grander than being ten years old! It's quite a wonderful age to be.

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful Boy! My Boy had a birthday coming up next month- I think he'll be 19! Hard to believe, it sounds like an old timer! :) mine always get upset when the other leaves, too. It's a bit of a pain because I'm always afraid the horse left behind will become so upset they do something silly and hurt themselves. Thank you for the sweet email I'm sorry I haven't replied I'm mostly working of my phone these days but I will soon! :)

  3. Happy Birthday handsome boy!

    So nice to have a friend to ride with even on a very cold day. Your mom is the best for keeping Pie amused with stories.

  4. Oh happy day to Sovey, and hugs to all three pleasingly plump fellows!


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