Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Looking for Beautiful Things

Hey there long lost blogging friends! I hope you are all well! I've sure been gone a long time without checking in! 

We are all happy and healthy at Honeysuckle Faire. The boys are just perfect. I love them so much and still just can't get enough of them. Today is chilly for April so I'm delaying my ride till noon. Winter was gone, but it came back to visit today. Darn!

Here (above) is a photo of the three of them grazing from last November. I still ride every single day in all weather. Bitless and usually bareback the hilarious adventures continue!!!! You can follow all my riding fun on my Instagram page.

If you click the photo below you can see a fun video of our huge Pie making his way through the 31" of snow we got on Foggy's birthday (January 22, 2016)!

If you are new to my blog - Hi and welcome! If you want to learn about riding and retraining horses using only kindness and patience as your "aids" then you are at the right place. My name is Juliette Ober and I rescue and retrain off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) to be riding horses. No bits, lunging, or round pens are used in any training or riding yet safe, daily rides on young, sweet Thoroughbreds are happening at Honeysuckle Faire because my boys are happy, sane, and sound. 

Although after 400 posts (!) I am no longer writing this blog, I am still riding and playing with my silly Thoroughbreds - just click the photo above to see a quick video of Pie's silly antics! This blog is archived chronologically (top right) and is a good resource to trace the process I used to retrain my three young Thoroughbreds. Additionally, there is a formal presentation of my training philosophy on my Found in the Fog site.

I've had the honor of writing articles for Equitrekking, the Emmy award-winning equestrian themed travel television show on PBS. My articles for Equitrekking are indexed and linked here.

My Instagram account is julietteober - definitely pop on over to see what I am doing with my horses each day. If you are on Instagram just follow me and I will follow back so I can see your horsey adventures too!

And, of course, I love hearing from you so please never hesitate to use good, ol' fashioned email to say "Hey!" at juliette@julietteober.com.

Hope this information helps keep you safe and your horses happy and eager for the daily ride! 
Take care,
Juliette Ober