Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We drank a toast to time

Happiest Christmas wishes to all my blogger friends! I miss you all bunches! A sweet comment appeared in my inbox this morning from Ranch Girl at Ranch Girl Diaries (formerly and forever to me, Pony Girl) and an old familiar twinge of blogging love washed over me and I thought I might take a stab at a quick post.

I hope you all had a fantastic 2014 filled with much horsey joy! I can happily report life at Honeysuckle Faire remained blissfully similar to other years. Any horseperson knows that this isn't a bad thing at all! Calm, quiet days filled with no drama and no illness and no injuries are a horseperson's dream and we got that! Yay!

Pie, Sovey, and little Foggy are just as round and silly and content as they were when I left the blogging world. They spoiled me with great rides all year. I don't think I rode every single day but very close. Below, Foggy takes me out through the fields on a very windy day in November. We are in Florida again this year for Christmas so I am without them briefly and my heart aches. The time I spend with them each day is still the glue that holds my days together. Their breath is the air I live to breathe. Their space in my life is the answer "YES" to the everlasting Why. I am thankful beyond words that these three horses are in my life.

Love to you all during this holiday season and all through the year! Please don't forget to let me know if you are on Instagram so I can follow all your horsey adventures. My Instagram account is julietteober for horse stories and more from Honeysuckle Faire and also non-horsey life with Brian and Maizie and little Noodlebug at Nutmeg Cottage.