Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long December

Last year we spent a cold, long December in Florida. Without my sweet Pie and Sovereign to keep me warm and with no oil paints in sight, I did what every horse-lonely painter would do - I picked up my laptop and snuggled up on the sofa with my new best friend, Photoshop. Honeysuckle Faire Custom Posters was born! Over the next twelve months, I had the amazing opportunity to design custom horse (and sometimes dog and people) posters for old friends, new friends, and family. I thought I would share some now. Above, is a surprise poster celebrating the amazing Cody, from Bay State Brumby to the talented and always helpful, Bill!

Above and below, Lilly and Laz, of Bay State Brumby and Sweet Horse's Breath, my patient and kind and unbelievably helpful first guinea pigs in this fun poster journey.

Sweet Kacy over at allhorsestuff held a fun contest and gave one of my posters as a prize. Even Song at Mountain Music Even Song Paints on the trail won the contest and then she worked with me to give a surprise poster to one of her boarders. The surprise posters are really fun to do. Even Song shared the story of Royal Tardez on a recent post.

These two posters were designed for my blogging friend, Kate, at A Year With Horses. Kate's dear, sweet Noble with the lovely ears was a kind, perfect horse for 30 years. I cried while designing these. Noble was a special boy - I really felt his loss here after reading about him on Kate's blog for a few years.


My step-daughter, Sage, and boyfriend, Aaron, started graduate school at Shepherdstown this past summer. I thought an Arts and Crafts/concert-like poster was the very thing!

More of sweet Kacy's kind gifts to others!

Above is a fun sweet sixteen poster for Madrid, an aspiring Broadway actress.

And, of course, the gorgeous boys.
Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and support with these posters!!!!
This year has given us more record cold temperatures here in sunny Florida. Again, without my sweet Thoroughbreds! Oh no - what is a horse riding painter woman to do? Stay tuned...


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I love my posters EVERYDAY!! I love the Cocolicious one..the three in a row is a very cool layout!!!

  2. Thanks Kristen SO much for everything!!!! You have been very supportive through my entire poster journey - last January you spied a poster I had up of Pie and Sovey and encouraged me to run with it! Thank you for the link on your own blog - many people have come my way because of that!
    Cocolish is my sweet "puppy niece". My wonderful sister-in-law, Tammy, secretly commissioned me to design a poster for my brother-in-law, Randy, for Christmas. It turned out very cute because Coco is a cutie pie.

  3. I love your posters. The retro look is awesome. What do you charge for them?

  4. Thanks Sydney - they are $40 and that includes shipping. I love anything retro!

  5. Awesome posters, you are so talented & with your own stylish look! I can imagine how you miss your horses. As far as the weather, I heard this morning that Florida was colder then WI - and we were at mid 20's F at the time. I couldn't believe my ears. Hoping things warm up, and you have a safe trip home to your horses - soon.

  6. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art. I did not know they were so affordable. Maybe one will be in the future for me...what awesome gifts they are!

    We are supposed to get a heat wave up here (40') and we're going to NJ soon when they are supposed to have 50's. Wow!

    I hope Fla. warms up for your stay. :-)

  7. aurora and Allison - Thanks for the kind words about the posters. I think we should have gone to VT or WI for our "warm" winter getaway this year!!!

  8. Oh Drat that Florida anyway! Too hard to be away from the horsefaces for that cold snap stuff...though, I say, the creative sparks are flying!

    Can't wait for more!!!Can't wait for your reunion with your horses too!

  9. I agree Kac - this is too far away from the boys and for what?...cold temperatures!!! I guess we had our days in the sun in 2007 and 2008 and the last two years have been a blast of cold reality...and artful ideas!

  10. I LOVE your posters and will order one celebrating each of my horses for my bday this year (in March). I can't wait. I even cleared a space on the walls for them and know what sayings I want on them too. You do such a great job!

  11. Thanks equestrian_librarian! It will be fun designing your posters!

  12. I Love your posters! I had assumed you'd been doing it for years, because they look so great.
    I love that Maisie is doing a project on Nova Scotia. Let me know how she does.
    Happy New Year!

  13. It did not surprise me one bit that all of your posters were so wonderful. They have real spirit, and display such sensitivity. PLUS, WHAT A DELIGHT it was to see my own brumby's posters in your blog. That Je ne sais quoi poster is so great--I love Lilly's little head in it. And who can forget the Bronco Billy surprise poster (which, by the way, is framed and hanging in Bill's house!!) ?? Juliette, you have such vision! You see so many possibilities in a single moment! That is why I do not worry about you down there in Florida without your horses and in shivery temps. I cannot wait to see what you do to make it one more arty and fun-loving adventure.
    PS Is Noodle in Florida too?

  14. Carol - Maizie keeps asking me questions about Nova Scotia and I am sad to say I know nothing - but we sure are learning! Prior to this we knew you lived there and Maizie loves "Your So Vain" so we also knew that reference. Your beach photos and header photo make it seem like the place to be!
    Happy New Year!

    baystatebrumby - Yes, our sweet Noodle is with us again this year. She is so good and sits out on the porch in the sunshine and looks at the water, but know not to go off the porch. I have never seen such a smart kitty in all my life.
    Thank you for making my poster adventure so much fun. You are the most positive, up-beat person and your enthusiastic attitude gave me the courage to pursue this! By the way, I adore Lilly's head in that one poster too. She is cute in every photo, but that one is just adorable. Thank you again!!!!
    Happiest 2011 wishes!

  15. Your posters are amazing and I see lots of horses and people I recognize too. That's pretty cool.

    I can't believe this weather. Hope you don't freeze in Florida and can't believe I'm even typing that. It's just not supposed to be that cold there.

    Happy New Year to you!

  16. WONDERFUL posters. And what a perfect gift too!
    What do you need to make one? And how long time do you need? My daughter has birthday Jan 21st...
    Is a "normal" photo OK?
    Love the retro ones.
    Happy New Year!

  17. Hi Rising Rainbow and Jennifer Macneill-Traylor! Thanks for the nice words about my posters!

    HorseOfCourse - You just need to email me a photo - I make the poster retro or normal - whichever you want. I can probably make the poster in time - not sure of shipping from my printer in Oregon to you in Norway - I would have to check on time for that.
    Happy New Year!
    I will email you!

  18. oops...HorseOfCourse - I just went over to your blogs and didn't find your email. Please email me and I will give you all the details.


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