Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Book 'em, Danno"

Here is a photo of the sweet gelding, Danno. We met him yesterday afternoon. My friends, Ted and Janet, just brought Danno home to their lovely barn and house.

Janet on Diablo and Ted on Red, above, are friends I met in the winter of 2008 here in Florida. While I was still in Pennsylvania, I received a heart-wrenching email from Janet that they lost their other horse, Colonel on Thanksgiving day this year. He had a seizure while Janet was riding him and folded up under her and started bleeding violently from his nostrils. The vet arrived within minutes and realized that he was bleeding internally and was blind. He must have had a brain aneurysm. Poor Colonel was only 6 and obviously, Janet and Ted were devastated. They found the adorable Danno, a registered QH, and brought him home this weekend. Brian, Maizie and I headed over to meet him yesterday. Janet and Ted live in a horse community where all their neighbors have horses in their backyards! How lucky is she? Her horse, Diablo, seems to be enjoying his new pasture mate. Janet invited me to come back to ride Danno this week if it ever warms up. She doesn't have a bit for him yet so I am going to bring the bitless bridle. We were laughing because she has a bit hanging in her bathroom as decoration (her house is beautiful!) and she thought she was going to have to use that!!!

Janet's house is near this mecca of retro yumminess - a Krispy Kreme!!!! We had never been to a real Krispy Kreme before. We had only sampled the original glazed in boxes from the grocery store. The "Hot Now" sign was lit and the unbelievably kind man behind the counter spoiled us up with the usual complimentary "first visit" free samples.

Needless to say, we bought a dozen to take home after these first three! I also purchased the signature, retro coffee mug that is perfectly sized for a 1950's amount of coffee. Heavenly. A perfect day in CHILLY (look at Maizie's outerwear) Florida.


  1. Danno is very cute - you know I'm a big fan of good QHs (very sad story about their other horse).

  2. Aww cutie. Lucky you being in Florida. I seriously asked my friend if I could come bring Indigo and the pony and come move in with her and her horse Maika. I haven't seen her in so long but every time she comes here its winter. Shes silly.
    Maybe you will have a convert? I say we hang the bits on the christmas tree with pretty ribbon this year as decoration.

  3. I know its a program line...is it a song?
    Oh my, is out that cold?! In Florida! Shocking, but something a "HOT NOW" KKream can take to task...aren't those warm beauts-THE BEST!

    SO very sad about the freak death of your friend's horse! And happy they found another...you'll convert them to bitless!
    Pray it warms up!
    My sissy rode my bomb mare yesterday...though I put her in a rubber"dog bone" bit. I do believe she's FINALLY SOUND!

    Something about a well used Western saddle...still makes me want one. That one, on the new horse, really looks used- and compy.

    Take care family...are you staying for Christmas?

  4. A neighborhood filled with horses in backyards AND hot donuts...are you in Florida or heaven?!

    So scary and sad about your friend's horse...I've never heard of that. :(

  5. Lucky Danno, and poor Colonel's story reminds us never to take our healthy horses for granted. <3

    Those hot Krispy's are addicting!

    Chilly Fla., wow! Mmmmm- big coffee mug...it's 55 degrees at my (outside wall) computer right now IN my office IN my house. LOL What's the temp there?

  6. Juliette, Danno looks like a very nice horse! How fun that you will get to ride him. I agree with you about the Krispy Kreme donuts. We have them here in Virginia and yes, to eat one that is hot and fresh is just heaven. Enjoy your trip!

  7. That is such a horrible story about Colonel. The poor guy. I hope he didn't even know what hit him...that one moment he was walking along and the next minute he was in Life, Part Two.
    I LOVE Krispy Kreme donuts. truth be told, I love ANY donut. But a real Krispy Kreme? That is sugar poetry in my mouth. (and the retro is too good to be true!)


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