Thursday, December 16, 2010

I might keep you for my own

Today was an amazing day in Florida. The temperatures were finally warmer. Brian and I ran on the beach this morning and then I headed up to Janet's house for a trail ride on the unbelievably sensible Danno. To say that Janet and Ted got a brilliant horse is really an understatement. Danno is an 8 year old registered Quarter Horse who is as calm and quiet as he is pretty. I groomed him in his stall and tacked up with Janet's western saddle and my bitless bridle. Janet was on her lovely gelding, Diablo. I apologize, as usual, for my blurry cell phone photos. I didn't know Danno and was afraid to chance the bigger camera. I did not need to be so careful. Danno is the only horse I have ever met who actually is bombproof. Really. He is. I have never seen anything like it before.

These first photos show us heading out through Janet's horsey neighborhood. We were allowed to walk right through the front lawns to get to the trail. And, no worry about manure droppings. Wow! All the street names are horse themed. Right after this photo was taken, above, the house to our right opened their automatic gate. It made a loud squeaking noise and Danno looked at it and walked on calmly. I can't even imagine Pie or Sovey encountering that!!!

Here we are entering the woods. Janet is looking back to see if we were coming. Off to the left, there was a royal blue tank high up in the air with green metal legs like a 20 ft water tower. Janet said that it was a squirrel feeder. If Pie and Sovey saw that they would have folded up into puddles.

Above, we are entering a Palmetto trail. The Palmetto leaves made scratchy, noises but nothing worried the unflappable Danno. At one point I had to dismount to move a tree that was blocking the trail. Remounting was going to be a farce because Danno is fairly tall. Janet pointed to a "tree stump" which in Florida speak meant a grouping of smaller Palmetto bushes. I literally climbed into this clump of bushes and swung on. Danno was so good even though it really was dense there with underbrush. I was getting all freaked out inside with worry that I was going to get covered with "Palmetto bugs" aka roaches! Eeeek!
Below, is the cute little boy giving me the listening ear.

Here is close up of his adorable mane and face. Janet and I used to ride together and feed the horses Spanish Moss at her old boarding stable. I forgot that. Today, she grabbed handfuls of Spanish Moss for silly Diablo. He turned his head around eagerly and munched away. Kind, quiet, Danno hadn't learned this naughty trick yet, until Auntie Julie (with Janet's permission) taught him. He had a few nibbles by the end of our ride.

Here is my shadow - western saddle with horn, bitless bridle and yes, I have on my English helmet! What a mismatched rider I was. Who cares? Danno didn't mind in the least.

Every house was decorated for Christmas, below, and most houses had scary sheets over their bushes to protect the plants against the unusual frosty temperatures. Danno didn't mind decorations or sheets. Good boy!

Well deserved post-ride grazing!

Thank you Danno! Your heart is as big and kind as your barrel and legs look in this picture. (He really isn't this big - my camera distorts things!)


Here is a photo from today that Janet just sent me that isn't blurry. Hysterically, I am so camera shy - you can see me attempting to get out of her view finder by holding the very end of the lead. I guess it didn't work!!! Danno looks great in this one. Janet just now reminded me that both riders and horses managed to hold it together through some tense moments today when a loud and too-close-for-comfort train passed by us. Neither Diablo or Danno reacted badly at all. We sure had a safe and happy ride.


  1. I love being able to see your Florida trail rides. Don't apologize for the quality of pictures!
    The horses sound wonderful. What a dream holiday you're having. Please keep keep sharing it :)

  2. What a cute boy! I've heard of feeding horses spanish moss. I am sure Indigo would hoover it up, the garbage disposal she is.

  3. He is amazingly wonderful...someday maybe I will have that...mine gives me a good go for my life!

    Wonderful, wonmderful times..I am so pleased it got nicer for this ride, and your run with Bri.

    I got your wonderful card today!! Thrilled I am, thanks!! it is going to be in one of my psots about my new horsey orniments on my Shop garland decoration.

    You take care my happy for you and I KNOW PIE AND SOVEY are missing your times, but happy for little wintertime breaks.

  4. Danno looks very nice - have fun down there in the warmth!

  5. I love horses that are bomb proof! Being able to relax down the trail, rather than searching for lions and bears at every turn, and trying to calm down a horse that just got attacked by a pile of leaves, is awesome.
    My monster has the potential, i just need to get him out to see the world!

  6. I think your camera pictures have a cloudy whimsy to them that I LOVE!!!! Don't fix your camera phone :)
    Danno, he sounds dreamy. He's the horse that is great to learn on, get your nerve back, enjoy a casual ride on, etc etc...worth his weight in gold type horse. :) What fun you are having!

  7. I want to live in Janet's neighborhood. It sounds wonderful. And Danno sounds like a real gem. Glad you had a nice ride with your friends!

  8. Your blog is lovely, Juliette!

    And it was nice to see some pictures from Florida since I was there just a few weeks ago. Seems very strange now with all the cold and winter we have got here!

  9. Thank you for all the comments everyone!

    Thanks HorseofCourse for stopping by...I remember you comparing a day in Florida with what you returned to...I love the warmth here, but I miss my two sweet horses like you missed your Fame girl.

  10. I'm with Once Upon--I want to live in that neighborhood too! Can you imagine ? A horse neighborhood AND Krispy Kremes nearby? You are living the dream!!!!! Go Team Florida!!

  11. Juliette, wonderful ride, wonderful horse, wonderful day! Sounds like you were in heaven! It is amazing how some horses are so bomb proof. Wish they could teach it to others! LOL.


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