Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pie says, "MOO!" and gets his 15 minutes

This adorable photo of Pie with a MOO sticker on his nose was featured in the MOO Blog today!  MOO, my new favorite printing company, is holding a City Stickers competition and I thought Pie might not mind participating!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon MOO when looking for new calling cards. (The above link is to their US site, but if you are in the UK - To Catch A Pony - you'll want to click here.) Even though she is a fictional character, I blame Holly Golightly for my calling card addiction. I design and distribute new ones incessantly. Finding the right paper weight and brilliant color is quite a feat. (I am picky!) Too many nights I sit and google "business cards" only to discover sub-par offerings. I ordered a sample pack from MOO and was knocked out by the quality.

The very next morning after I found MOO, they offered free stickers to the first 1000 etsians who responded!  I was in my usual horse vs. art freak-out-mode. I wanted my stickers to be perfect, but I also wanted to go and ride and I didn't have time to get all my photos together in photoshop.  So, I went to the barn and missed out. Then, the next morning, they offered the same deal to the first 500 people. Oh!  Twice in a row!

What an old school fool I was.  If I had just started uploading my photos, I would have found out that MOO does everything for you! I didn't need to resize or color correct. It is tough to let go and trust when you are used to making sure everything is perfect in photoshop first.  

AND...the very best part is that they print business cards, postcards, and their unique mini cards with different images on each card!!!!  It is like carrying all my paintings and my entire blog in my pocket. Below are two of the 50 (!) different images ($21.99) I ordered as calling cards.   

Of course, Pie didn't care one straw about MOO and how great they are as printers.  He just wanted me to get that sticker off his face and let him get back to gobbling apples! 


  1. Great tip - cool, cool, cool! Yay Pie :)

    I too am super finicky when it comes to my photoshopping endeavors - graphic designer in a former life and still one on occasion.

  2. Calm, Forward, Straight - Right, graphic design habits never die!

  3. MOO sounds very good, I love the photo of your horse with snowy lips, it’s a very nice photo.

  4. I'm going to have to check Moo out.

  5. Thanks Edward for the nice comment about Pie and his snowy lips. I mentioned To Catch a Pony but you are in the UK too!

    Lori - You can feature all your paintings - you will love them!

    Once Upon - "Spokespony" - perfect!

  6. Love your pictures. Thanks for the great info re MOO! You need the best for your amazingly great creations.

  7. Oh, I love MOO immensely. When I first started my blog, I had them make postacrds that I sent out to a million people (including Chris Cox and Clinton Anderson) saying READ MY BLOG! In any case, I see you love Moo as much as I do. I also love those itty bitty business cards they have. So many cool options. And pne of my fave pictures ever has got to be ole snowy nose you have posted here. Did someone say adorable? Yes, they did, it was me!

  8. Juliette, Sorry I'm so late in commenting here... but what great pictures of Pie! And now he is famous, with the sticker! Of course, he was already famous to all of us! Neat company and interesting cards they offer - good to know!

  9. LOVE that place and may become addicted too...better go riding to get it off my mind and out of reach of my fingers!!

    Also love the snowy/muddy Pie versions for your cards!!!

    Having a difficutl time posting this comment..may not be able to on the embedded page version for comments.

  10. Nice find Juliette!

    I dont know about you, but the time I lose to etsy alone is inordinate, so I just need some new tangents like playing with business cards to squeeze in between riding, painting,, oh yeah, them too.

    Its midnight so will have to wait until tomorrow but I feel some cards coming on....thanks for the link!!

  11. Ahh love that picture :) Pie is so goofy and photogenic
    I'll have to pop over to Moo too, sounds fun! You always find such fun graphic tools.


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