Tuesday, April 10, 2012

he said that his friends would all drop by

April in Pennsylvania isn't always this beautiful, but we have been very lucky this year. You can see some sort of fruit tree over Pie's head in the woods on a recent ride.

One lone tulip is blooming beside the lush green grass. 

The grass got so long and green in this small paddock that I opened it up for a strictly timed (20 minute) gobble fest for fat Pie and the skinny brothers.

Day 2 of gobbling - now the grass is at a reasonable height. Thank you, boys!

It was a great week of riding. Our weather has turned windy now, but we sure had some nice sunshine for horses and tennis. Maizie had off school for five fantastic days! She and I played some sets and she also hit against the backboard while I rode. I like that the horses aren't afraid of the "boom, boing" sound the tennis ball makes when it hits the backboard. They could care less. 

Maizie had to bring in brioches for a French project right before the holiday, so she and I baked these little yummy, buttery, luscious treats! She wanted to tackle croissants, but I convinced her that brioches were more our speed. They still took us three days to do properly. I think real croissants take seven! She was certain that all her classmates were making their projects from scratch so we had to also. I admire her innocence, but I am sure that some moms smartly snuck off to a bakery for their goodies. She was deaf to my pleading so our kitchen became a patisserie each evening. Let's just say with that heavenly bread smell, we all were running extra miles that week.

Speaking of heavenly smells, here are the little pink blossoms of the horses' favorite apple tree at the barn. Their smell right now is unbelievable! Sovey pulled me over there today while he was grazing and I just inhaled...mmm.

This is a little Crabapple tree that a friend planted last year at our Kentucky Derby Tree Seedling party. Our record rainfall year (2011) was a blessing in disguise with all our seedlings. I would estimate that we have a 90% survival rate so far. Silver linings abound. 


  1. Beautiful pictures. We've had a nice spring here in New Mexico. I'm hopeful for a bounty of apricots and peaches.


  2. The brioches look fabulous! Looks beautiful there. Right now we are having a record long heatwave (mid 60's) and I am loving every minute of it!

  3. "Fat Pie and the Skinny Brothers" Your horses could start a band with that name. Looks beautiful at your place. Happy Spring!

  4. Yummy spring finery! Yummy green grass! (strictly timed or not) Yummy weather for rides and sports! Double yummy brioches - glad they aren't at my house! (sort of) :)

  5. Looks like a lovely spring there! I have yet to get in a ride. I love that you made Maizie's treats from scratch! Ranch Boy's mom makes everything from scratch! Enjoy your weekend!! xo

  6. Ooh boy, look at that green grass! I'll bet the boys are enjoying that lush greenery.
    So nice to see the blooming apple trees.

  7. Beautiful pictures and those brioches look delicious. Glad they're not anywhere near me, it's the last thing I need right now. Glad your seedling trees had such a great survival rate.

  8. I am envious of all that green grass.
    Those brioches look fabulous! A++ for sure.

  9. Can I come and live with you? Because having a mini patisserie in your kitchen sounds like a dream come true, and so do gobble feasts in the back yard. Throw in some fruit trees blooming and a trio of snuggly horses ! oh, my! When I move in, we can make croissants and if they turn put badly, we can fling them at the cars of the moms who snuck off to the bakery and bought their French goodies. (hah! Just kidding.)

  10. Bonjour! As the eater (and grader!) of Juliette's brioches, let me tell you...they were fabulous!! We did have a lot of fabulous from-scratch foods, but no one attempted foods that required YEAST and RISE TIME. I was very impressed! So, merci :) And, your blog is wonderful too! I used to ride, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

  11. Hi Madame! Thanks for your kind comments about the brioches!

    I didn't know you rode - you are so built to ride - I should have guessed! Much horse talk next time I see you!


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