Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's the hap-happiest season of all

Friday evening Maizie was having a friend fly in to stay with us and I knew I would not be able to visit the barn and adorable Chaunson boy until Tuesday. Therefore, my Friday morning ride would be my last for a while and I hoped it would be a good one. Chaunson gave me the best ride of all time and it was full of sunshine and friends. Here we are in the park - four friends on our amazing horses, standing in a circle. Barb took these fabulous photos but no one took one of her and Titan! This will have to be remedied on a later ride! 

Katie was on Buddy with her sweet and quiet Abby dog beside.

Judy was on sweet Sage. Only Titan's little ears were captured!

As a group, we did all the parks and the zebra alley and alpaca road although the alpacas were not out. Shortly after these photos in the first park were taken, Chaunson got very upset. I am not sure what was wrong, but I suspect he was getting some bad vibes from Buddy. I can not properly explain how proud I am of him and what he did in the next half mile of our ride. First, he became very nervous and started trotting in place and felt like he might explode. He was chomping an imaginary bit and coiling up and trotting in such a tight ball that it was like he was nervously trotting inside his own skin. I kept thinking that I would not be able to get him back to the barn without dismounting, but he stayed with me. Every thing I asked, he gave. We walked across the street to the next park and the three other horses started to walk away and he made a bee-line in the opposite direction heading for the barn. I stopped him and asked him to turn back and follow them and he did. I know that he did not want to go with them, but he did it for me. I asked everyone if I could get in front of the group away from Buddy and I could feel Chaunson relax. He walked the rest of the ride without one problem. I never had to dismount and I felt like Chaunson was giving all he had for me. What a horse! Leaving him on Friday afternoon was tough because I knew I wouldn't be able to properly spoil him the next few days. I received happy texts from his owner each day telling me that the special boy was getting all his proper treatment and love and goodies! 

We spent the last few days on the beach and around the village with Maizie's friend, Lindsay. Maizie and Lindsay were cross-country running friends this past fall so it was great to have her come and visit for a few days. They walked on the beach and shopped and went swimming and kayaked and biked and just enjoyed being teens. Brian and I enjoyed watching them - middle school friends on a quick Florida getaway together. 

Painting their nails with special polish that changes color in the sun...

...and paddling around in the kayaks.

Big smiles on the sunny back porch. Happy holidays for everyone!

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