Saturday, July 27, 2013

Green grass and high tides forever

Wednesday was the beginning of the good stuff. August and September are the very best months for riding. I can feel them coming. I was riding Foggy out through our fields on Wednesday afternoon with the wind rippling the high grass like tides at the beach. Afternoon. Riding in the afternoon! That is a novel concept. All of July had been so horrid and humid and hot and Wednesday I was able to ride Pie first and then Foggy and it was cool and breezy and out there in the fields I promised myself to remember each minute and drink it all in. June was perfect with low humidity and fabulous rides and it seems like this might be the beginning of more of that...

Tuesday was the farrier - all good - here are two little Foggy feet.

Free pizza one day thanks to Tim Lincecum's no hitter. Thanks Timmy!

Three bleached, but happy boys.

Thursday's ride was Sovey and Friday was back on Foggy-Little, above. Pie said no for a ride Friday. He was a sleepy one for some reason.

Iced coffee with Brian most afternoons...

...and post-ride wild berry tea on way home from Foggy ride yesterday (in retro Exxon/Esso glass)! Oh, I hope to burn these memories in my brain. I never want to forget this.


  1. ...find your souls and set them free...

    Fab pix, excellent graphics (super cool pizza box too!), enticing bevs + love, love, love the sentiment. A good reminder.


  2. Ooh So Nice, I Agree...The Best Is Coming. All Other Sentiments, I Duplicate In My Own Heart.

    Funny You Mentioned Foggy Being Sleepy...Mine Has Recently Turned Into Miss Slowa. Strangest Thing, I've Not A Desire To Track Any Faster....Enjoy! That Is The Feeling!

  3. Summertime and the living is easy. Wonderful pictures and sentiments.

  4. Ahh, September--can't wait. The bugs will be gone :)
    Harley was sleepy last night too--ready for a lie down at 8:30!
    Lovely pics of all the boys.

  5. Love this! The I iced coffee looks delicious!

  6. Bleached by the sun, blue sky, iced tea...sounds like the perks of a really great summer. Don't you love it? Don't you wish it could go on like this forever? I hold on and never want to let go! Always a joy to see the forward ears from the saddle. Love the Adirondack chairs! I myself have a pink one, but am not so lucky to place it by a horse pasture. Whhheeee, eeeee, life is but a dream!


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