Saturday, March 8, 2014

But I'm thinking about eternity

Under bluebird skies and the promise of spring I leave my horsey boys... 

We are flying out for an extended getaway to our beloved Shambala. 

My horses and sweet Noodlebug will get their proper spoiling from my intrepid mom. Although born to a globetrotting father, my mom has never enjoyed travel so she stays behind and kindly allows me to leave without worry about horse or kitty care. She taught me everything I know about horses so they are in good hands and Noodlebug is already happily ensconced at her house, snuggling in like she owns the place.

This year, I think my three fuzzy chocolate-y geldings might be glad to see me go. The short rides and silly ambles in the driveway are getting old. Pie is positively beside himself with worry about the barstool apples ("Who in the world could be eating them, Julwee?" he asks daily) but we just can't get out there through the ice pack to see, although we've tried. (The poor honey took me out in a belly high drift a day ago. He was so brave and good through the whole kooky ordeal.)

During one ride this week I looked down and saw this adorableness! I know nothing about wildlife tracks like which animals make what design, but this is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm guessing this is from one of our resident fox families because recently I've heard little tiny yelping coming from a nearby den and there has been some baby-sounding, high pitched "barking" at night. Then on my Pie-ride, I saw these two sets of tracks winding in the exact same path. The tracks go together completely synchronized in their direction turning and curving together this way and that, side by side. One set is normal, "Mommy sized" and the other is a tiny, exact replica of the bigger set.

I've been working on an important (important to me, at least!) blog post about après-riding. This post has consumed my thoughts and writing for the last month (Brian teasingly refers to it as my manifesto). Actually the idea has consumed my thoughts for my entire life, but I couldn't name it before. Age has a way of helping you shape and understand what you really want, what you really mean.

Now, I'm going to let time and sunshine flush out the concept fully into a coherent package and post when I get it all together. Until then, I will be absent from the blogs - instagram only for my bitless, bareback adventures in Florida. Here are a few lovelies to pique your après-riding curiosity...

Some kind of ecstasy got a hold on me.


  1. Have a great time in Florida! You're so lucky to have a mom like yours. Looking forward to your "manifesto".

  2. Have a great trip! We'll miss you, but look forward to checking out the manifesto! :D

  3. Ah, that does look inviting what with all the ice here. Have fun in Florida!

  4. It doesn't get any better than that. The photos were a very big tease. Enjoy.

  5. Enjoy the sun! Looking forward to what you are working on!

  6. All of these photos are so colorful and wonderful! I love that one of Noodle. Those little furry hands on the darling purple gingham. I must confess that roadsign is confusing! It looks like total chaos! Hope you have fun in Florida. It is one of my favorite places to visit.

  7. Oh Sunny Delights!!! I'm Happy To Hear You Got To Go, Afterall!

    That Sign Is Awesome. Bike Yields To Hiker , But Motor Bike Yields To All...All Also Yield To HORSES!!!

    Well Now, I'm Enticed By Your Apres - Riding...

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