Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas 2008 - riding in florida

This year we left Pennsylvania on December 10th for our annual holiday in sunny Florida. Last year I missed Baja and riding in general so much that I would run on the beach everyday and pretend that I was riding him! It was so sad. A 41 year-old woman acting like a schoolgirl with a bad horse crush! This year I joined a Florida horse forum online before we left Pennsylvania and amazingly was invited by a member to exercise her horses. I brought my helmet, jeans, and boots in case it actually worked out. Well, it did work out!! It has been fabulous! Everyone at the barn is so nice! I ride a chestnut Thoroughbred mare named "Red" and a sweet Appy gelding named "Emmett". I rode them both with saddles and now it is so hot that I am riding them bareback. I am in heaven. My Christmas Day afternoon was spent under the Live Oaks bareback on Red giving her handfuls of Spanish Moss that I could reach from overhead and listening to her sweet munching which sounded exactly like the Black Stallion munching sea grasses on the island with the boy.


  1. How exciting! I just read this post and I chuckled a bit - I am originally from Western PA and now live in FL. Where in Florida do you spend the holidays? Lol, maybe this year I can provide you with your holiday mount...although I'm not near a beach. Is that a requirement? =)

  2. Michelle - We stay in St. Petersburg! I will visit your blog and see where you are!


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