Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new friends

Here is a photo of the chestnut Thoroughbred "Red" that I have been riding. She is a real sweetie. Red is cared for by Janet and her husband, Ted. Janet provides excellent care for this horse even though she has her own horses and stalls to clean. Red is fortunate to have Janet and Ted in her life. They are super nice horsepeople and great friends I have been lucky to meet and ride with here. It is a treat to groom and ride Red. She is affectionate and likes to nibble my iced tea ice cubes with me. Yesterday when I walked into the barn and saw her, she softly nickered. It was so wonderful!


  1. I own Red, my name is toni and Janet gave her to me and my grand parents shes spioled now and i love her to death we also show... I LOVE RED SOOO Much, she looks so different in these piks.

  2. Hi Toni!

    I am so glad you got Red.

    I really loved Red and thought she deserved a good home. I think I know your Grandmother - she is very sweet to horses! Keep on spoiling Red - she deserves all the spoiling you can give her.


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