Friday, January 2, 2009

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes

We are so fortunate to have our little kitty with us this year in Florida. Here is a photo of Maizie and Noodlebug from home. Noodle has been the best travelbug ever! She is completely trusting of us and happily accepts anything we do with her. From van to hotel to condo, she never complained or acted unhappy. She sleeps in the sun in the breezes in front of the screen doors here and happily watches the birds and water and dolphins like it is a television show for cats. She naps on the beds or under the beds in her secret hideout but mostly she stretches out on Grandma Janet's "Fainting Couch" and proves to us that it really did have a purpose for being here all these years. If I had a camera with me (duh!) I would snap a photo of her on the ruffled yellow swiss dot fluffy pillow that she so enjoys. Noodle loves running from room to room in a game of tag with Maizie. She is more dog than cat at times. Our monikers for her range from "Miss Pity-Pat" to "Ticketyboo" but mostly "Noodle" is the one she answers with a sweet purring "meow". Happy Noodleyear.


  1. Maizie and Noodle are so cute!!! She (Noodle, not Maizie) reminds me of my cat Milo. He plays more with his dog brother than his cat sister and there is often tag taking place in the living room!

  2. so sweet, so very beautiful. cats are amazing, one never gets tired of their incredible & interesting antics. nature's finest. & this little girl looks so caring & kind. if only the whole world was so lovely as this everywhere. truly uplifting!

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