Monday, January 5, 2009

It's the same story the crow told me

Like most Thoroughbreds, Red is very thin-skinned. She had a reputation for wiggling and kicking and biting when groomed. Knowing Thoroughbreds and their ticklish tendencies, I brush her softly. Today after our bareback ride, I discovered while she grazed, that she enjoyed me "currying" her with my bare hand. I was able to get the sweat mark off by gently using my hand to "brush" her in the sunshine.

Our ride was wonderful, and like Saturday, she was intent on investigating a newly cut field. Workers had recently used the Bush-hog to clear out overgrown trees and shrubs. It is a horse nightmare with all the new scenery and tangle of cut limbs. Red is determined to plow through it all, though! Her inquisitive nature is funny and innocent. Her curiosity is stronger than her fear. She puts her head low and stares at everything in that tentative horsey way like she is looking over the top of bifocals. I am bareback and I have to trust her. I keep my seat deep and my hands light and she remains sensible. She is a sweet-natured horse and I want her to enjoy our rides as much as I do. I am going to miss her when we return to Pennsylvania!

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