Sunday, December 20, 2009

with jingle bells and fairy tales

Today is December 20 and it is exactly one year that I have been blogging. That first post featured Pie's head and I said that he would soon be coming to our farm. I was in sunny Florida when I wrote that and I didn't even know Pie. I had just received the photos of Pie and Sovereign. I remember being excited and scared and elated that the two boys were actually coming! So here it is, one year later, and I envisioned this post being from sunny Florida again. As you can see from the photo above, we are not sunny and we are not in Florida!!! We got snowed in!!! Our bags were packed. The last minute details about horse care was all finished and we were ready to go. And then the snow fell, and fell and fell.

Before the snow, I had perfect rides all week on the boys. Each ride was a little depressing, though, because I knew I was leaving them for Christmas. Now, I may still be here! Maizie and I slowly drove to the barn yesterday and turned the boys out. Then, we went cross-country skiing with mom. It was blizzard conditions but we had fun. After, Maizie and I sledded down a big hill near our north pasture. Pie and Sovey watched in disbelief. They just couldn't understand why we were moving like that on our big blue sled. Our whoops and laughter was just too much for them. They had to dance and play too!

This year with Pie and Sovereign has been better than I could have ever imagined. They have brought joy to our lives in so many ways. (I just hope they continue to bring joy to my mom's life while she is taking care of them - the little imps!) Have you ever seen anything as lovely as two Thoroughbreds racing through the snow?


  1. Snow is fun, and thanks for the happy horse pictures - but hope you get where you're going for the holidays!

  2. WOW...this is ironic...I just left a blogger that IS ion Florida..and she wanted to be where YOU SNOW! hahahaha!
    I LOVE you captures of Pie and Sovey running! Things that hold humans and go swishing by are mysterious for the equine mind!Wa freaks a bit while at the Bay of Tillamook and the boats with people, are below her going by!
    Hope the plans can be rekindled sweet!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Oh Juliette~ how delightful! I am so happy you got to see your ponies galloping in the snow! I do hope you are able to make it to Florida for the holidays. Best laid plans. Wherever you will be, you will enjoy the magic of the season, I just know it!
    p.s. send some of that snow my way, please????? ;)

  4. What beautiful pictures!! They are having so much fun out there!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. Awww, Juliette! I was so looking forward to you being in my neck of the woods! Hope you make it out of there, but more importantly I hope you have a great holiday. Congratulations on reaching your first blogging birthday - you have an amazing site and a great perspective on horse life. I enjoy my regular visits and I'm so glad I "met" you in this venue!

  6. Nice pictures. Pie and Sovey do look like they are enjoying the snow. And happy blogging anniversary. Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine.

  7. Oh what lovely pictures!!! I'm wishing you a great Holiday regardless of where you end up and keep up the great blogging and horse love! :)

  8. Thanks everyone!!! Hope you all have happy holidays too. I am so glad I "met" all you fellow horse lovers this past year!

  9. Happy Anniversay, Julieete and Pie and Sovey!! I hope you make it to Florida because there is something to be said for lounging under a Palm Tree in December, but look how beautiful your landscape is!!! The horses in the snow are like the proverbial cherry on top! Totally, awesomely gorgeous!
    Will you bring two more horses back from Florida??
    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family!!! I will be watching to see if you make a post from the sunshine state!

  10. Merry Christmas Juliette and Nutmeg Cottage and all human and creaturely within and without!

  11. I loved this pictures, because the horses are looking very beautiful and this pictures are taken in Florida.
    holidays in florida


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