Sunday, February 7, 2010

There ain't no difference between the two

This post looks just like my last post, but we have added FOURTEEN INCHES of snow since last time! Happily, we have kept the sunshine and blue skies - hooray!

Sovey does his impression of a llama.

And Pie sticks out his tongue for the camera.

Here is a drift in one paddock.

The day before all this snow landed on us I had the opportunity to ride Pie bareback. I haven't ridden him bareback since before I went to Florida. He and I headed out through the woods and around the entire farm. He was a perfect angel. He knew he was a good boy too. He kept looking back at me like, "See, I am a good boy, too, just like Sovey." I want to philosophize in a later post about why I think Pie was so well behaved.

Now, I don't know when I will be able to ride again. The snow is fluffy, but it is so deep. I do turn them out in it, but I don't know about riding. Please let me know if anyone has any thoughts about riding in deep snow. I think it seems like it might be bad for their legs, but maybe I am being too overprotective.

I shot this video of the boys playing this morning. Turn down your sound - there is a high pitched noise!


  1. They look like they're enjoying the snow!

  2. Oh my goodness are they ever clownish! That tongue! hah! That is so funny! And the llama! HAH! the good thing about the snow is that if you fall, you've got a pillow to land on. The bad part of the snow is that if it's too deep and they get cantering, it's like riding a dolphin! (that's according to Bill anyway--I myself have never tried!) I do wish we got the snowfall you did! It looks fun and pretty and great for a little skijoring!

  3. Love these fresh and frisky pics of your gang. Looks like they were having a blast out there in the snow. Such weather to come back tom after a few weeks in sunny Florida, eh?!

  4. That's a great llama impersonation! They look like they're having a blast in all that ridiculous snow! I hear there's more on the way! Argh!

  5. They are soooo cute running in the snow. Sovey does a very authentic Llama.

  6. I Love that video!!!
    Um, I would only ride in the deep snow if you knew EXACTLY what was under it...terrible horse injuries I know of because of lurking things.
    Just put some sports medicine wraps on and go!
    Are they shod? Do they get snow balls?

  7. allhorsestuff - they are barefoot and the snowballs we have had in their feet do seem to fall right out. They don't seem to be walking on high heels! Thanks for answering my question!

  8. I love the llama impersonation, LOL! :) The video was fun, your boys are so handsome in that white peaceful snow! I agree with others, probably okay to ride in deep snow- IF you know exactly what is underneath. Also, I would think deep drifts could be dangerous? Be safe and have fun! And send some of that snow my way if you get a minute! :)

  9. Fun pictures and LOVE LOVE the video! :)
    Agree with riding in the deep snow-I have before and honestly being not very adventurous, I kept it at a walk and loved every minute of it! :)


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