Wednesday, March 10, 2010

count all the bees in the hive

This afternoon was mild with a warm breeze and sunshine and bursting with the promise of spring. I think the most difficult thing in the world is to love two horses. Who do you choose to ride on a day like today? It was Pie's turn so I rode him, but I think I saw a glimmer of sadness in my little Sovey's eyes when we headed out. I need to learn to pony the boys. Then no one will be left behind.
Pie was very calm and curious about everything. Now that the snow has melted, all our trails look different to him, I think. He really seems interested in taking it all in.
At one corner of our property, the neighbors whip dog poop into our field. Yuck! Pie is so funny there. He always has to leave a manure pile right in the middle of the dog stuff. Of course, my head gets filled with the song, "The Horse at Pooh Corner" - lol.
The boys had their vet check and shots yesterday. All is well and they walked in perfectly. The last time the vet was out they would not walk into the barn without balking. This time, they were so good and I was very proud. I am filled with love for them!


  1. HAHA! Horse at "poo"h corner too funny!
    Ya know...when I had Pantz in my care last year and my Wa was difficult to choose and sometimes...I rode Pantz an ponied Wa was quite perfect..having them both with me!

    I have the funniest ever story...that I have never told here...I really must but I first have to put a video of "Lorenzo- the flying horseman" up on my is back ground for the story... I was ponying a the time!

  2. KK - I can't wait to hear your story. Is Pantz a super calm horse? I don't know how to pony or if my boys are good enough. How/where did you learn?

  3. Oh dear the horse at pooh corner! That is so funny! Bill always says that if horse poop were like dog poop, he would not have horses!!! Blecchhh!
    I wonder Pie and Sovey would pony OK! Maybe when you try it you will take some photos! One time I was behind Bill while he was ponying a horse along the trail and every now and then you would just hear Bill yelling at the two horses because they were being so naughty! Another time he was ponying a horse and it got so unruly he just had to let it go! This caused quite a stir as Lilly tried to scramble off like the loose gelding! Who ended up going only as far as the hay rack! But most times, it goes just perfectly.

  4. baystatebrumby - I agree with Bill's assessment of dog vs. horse poop. Ick. And, I am NOT going to attempt the ponying bit. I am not ready for that! Pie and Sovey are the best...but they aren't THAT good (yet!).

  5. Hi again,
    Well, My sister learned to pony early on, with Polo Ponies and taught me. must have a horse that is not a kicker or too much into personal space..but will listen and be calm...You practice with a rope all over their body as you walk...even getting it under the tail sometimes to desensitize them.
    I imagine maybe having someone ride very close in tandem would suffice to find out about the attitude.

    Pantz was a drill she does not much mind others even running by or cantering near...she has learned to pay attention to the rider and not the other horses. So I lucked out!
    I put bell boots on the hind feet..and also always wrap the legs.
    The horse that is being ponied...must mind you, by not passing you or pull on you...Wa challenges me in these area..I carried a crop and walloped her nose when she thought to pass me up..that only has to happen once- with a command !
    I love doing it!
    Maybe I can get video sometime this summer...I think Romeo will be a good match for ponying too.

  6. Oh that would be tough to choose!!! They are so lucky to have you! :)


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