Friday, March 19, 2010

No sweeping exits or off stage lines

Sunshine is my excuse for not blogging for a week! We have had warm temperatures, sunny days, and many, many Pie and Sovereign rides. (Insert contented sigh.) I do have lovely new posters to share, fun stories about our new 24/7 turnout schedule, and a possible implementation of "wild horse pasture" ideas. I promise to catch up when I see the first rain drop!


  1. Oh, enjoy the weather! I don't blame you! It's supposed to be warm here this weekend too, but I'm so busy I'll barely get to see my horse. He has a farrier appointment, that is about all the contact we'll have. :(

  2. It's been gorgeous here too. I love the riding time. Wish it was going to stay but it leaves tomorrow they say.

  3. Pony Girl - I hope Your Boy enjoys his time with you. Hopefully next weekend there will be more time with your sweet boy!

    Rising Rainbow - Thanks for stopping by! I am heading over to check out your blog. I think we are supposed to end our warm temperatures too tomorrow. :(

  4. Well good on you! I am happy to miss you due to the fortune of nice riding weather!Yea! Mee too...each day I come home and think maybe I will blog about that adventure...and each time I come home...I am too tired from -THAT- adventure!
    Can't wait to see the poster!!!
    I REALLY like the colors and design of the add for them at the top right of your blog!

  5. KK - I am so glad you are getting to ride and have adventures too!
    The poster is on its way to you AND I included a fun surprise in the package! I hope you love it! I will post about it soon!

  6. Send that sunshine over here!!!
    Can't wait to hear more about the natural pasturing, etc. So very interesting!!!!!!


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