Thursday, April 1, 2010

seemed to greet me with a smile

Today I had a day of perfect balance, perfect harmony, bliss at every turn.
Amelie has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city.

Our morning was warm and the forsythia were blooming their little yellow heads off. I silently groomed Pie and Sovey, soft and quiet, and tacked them both up. Mom joined me and hopped on her little bunny-rabbit Sovey Boy and I hopped on the Pie. The wind was still and the birds were singing like crazy. We headed out through the fields and around our entire property. It was so gorgeous and the boys were obviously enjoying themselves. I didn't have my camera so I stole these photos from last year's posts, but imagine the most beautiful day ever!

We walked off our property through the sleepy little streets of Sunnyland. The spring trees were full of pink and white puffballs and the lawns had daffodils and hyacinth clumps here and there. The boys quietly walked the neighborhood like they were in a Thoroughbred parade. One friend was leaving her drive and when she spied us in the street she smiled and said, "I love my neighborhood!" Another friend came out to touch the muzzles of both boys. (Pie pawed the ground to beg for a carrot, but our friend did not get the hint!) We gently walked through the cemetery and quietly visited Brian's mom's grave. We turned to go home, but both boys pulled us toward town. Some other day, we promised! Grazing and grooming followed to somehow try to repay them for the safe and lovely "pony rides" they gave us.
Next, a yummy lunch with Maizie and Brian (Maizie is off school for Easter break) and then Maizie and I headed out to pick up one of her friends for a geocaching expedition. We found 5 of the 6 caches we attempted and had a sunshine -y day in the forest.
Home for dinner, and then Maizie was off to another friends' house and I headed back to the horses to clean manure from the pastures. The boys are out now 24/7. I promised a few posts ago to tell about this new arrangement and I will get to it soon! For now I will say that my daily stall cleaning routine has been replaced by pasture-poop-pick-up-patrol which is amazingly therapeutic. I shared a glorious pink sunset with the boys happily munching grass beside me. Tonight, like Amelie, I have a strange feeling of absolute harmony.


  1. I am so jealous of all the riding you get to do!! We are in the middle of another rain and wind storm!! I wish they would just go away!!

  2. Lovely day - thanks for taking us along!

  3. This sounds like the most amazing day! The way you described it, I felt like I was right there with you. Oh, and great choice of post title! ;)

  4. Michelle! I was listening to him all day and had to include a lyric! Love him to bits. My Brian reminds me of CC, although Brian isn't have to admit, Soundgarden's music is so gorgeous and light and airy but the lyrics...DARK!!!

  5. Oh Juliette, heavenly, heavenly day... Oh..riding with your mom! Soo very cool!
    I do pray that the heaven feeeling is lingering now still~

    I got a sweet chuckle from your "Thoroughbred parade"...that is neat.

    Do you accept Awards? I sure would LOVE to give you one without is a simple little thing I created to give to others that I appreciate..kinda a soul sister thing.
    On my sidebar- there is an emblem- Intrepid Riders Faction- click it and it will take you to what I wrote...about YOU!
    Thanks for blessing my heart with your blog!

  6. allhorsestuff - Kacy - Thanks so much for the award!!! I am honored to be called "Intrepid" like you. (I am hardly as brave as you!)
    I will add the emblem to my blog - thank you so much!
    Happy Easter to you and your family and sweet mare!

  7. Paint Girl (Sorry for mixing up the Paint/Pony Girl - it was too early in the morning!)- That is terrible about your rain and wind. Hopefully nice weather will show up for the holiday.

    Kate - Your nice weather finally made it to us!

  8. Juliette, thanks for the sweet comment on my post! I truly enjoy having you as a blogger friend and I hope that someday, your dream of having a bloggers ride comes true (and I will be there, 80 years old or not! ;)
    I love the picture with the forsythia. I truly felt warm just looking at that has been dreadfully miserable here the past week! We had a few teaser spring days that psyched us out.
    I love your reference to the feeling of absolute harmony. I know exactly what you mean. I am overdue for one of those moments, LOL! ;)

  9. sigh..beautifully written, I felt as if I was there and enjoyed every lovely calm second. :)
    Blogger's ride!! YES please! :)
    I'm sooooooooooooooooo curious about the natural keeping- 24/7 etc. I want to hear about what you think come winter time, assuming your winters are harsh like ours are in the midwest. I love that way of keeping the horses, but on stormy days, I let my mind wander.

  10. Thanks Kristen. I am going to post about the turnout. I think our weather today (87 degrees) is more problematic for the boys than our winters! More coming soon...

  11. Don't you absolutely love the forsythia? Doesn't it just let you know how wonderful everything is about the summer coming so close!! Like Paint Girl, I too am jealous of all the riding you get to do! (but in an affectionate way!)That must feel so good to get the day started that way. I can't imagine being able to inhale all of Lilly's good smells each morning! can you imagine? What would Mary Oliver say? I bet she'd like it!

  12. baystatebrumby - You are much more poetic and well-read than I could ever be! I had to wiki Mary Oliver but I admit that I do also race outside or to an open window to inhale nature's morning fragrances. I do get to ride every morning which is divine and exactly what I live for. The rest of the day is fun too, but the mornings...sigh. Our forsythia is gorgeous and now our apple trees are in full blossom and smelling lovely. These blogs are funny because they cause us to be jealous (in an affectionate way) of our blogger friends. Your life and amazing trail rides at Bear River has had me wishing I kept Pie and Sovey at Bill's on many occasions!


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