Friday, April 9, 2010

these are the good old days

Our record breaking warm temperatures came to an end on Thursday evening with a violent storm followed by this lovely double rainbow. Pie and Sovey treated us to daily pony rides all week. My tailbone is hurting from too much bareback riding. Ouch - but I do hate to complain when the boys are so good. Today was cooler and windy and I decided to just groom and graze each horse. I admit to being too busy to blog properly, but it is a happy busy. I'll catch up soon!


  1. Thanks for that great rainbow shot, Julie. We saw it too yesterday. Your photo reminds us how gorgeous it was.

    We're quite happy to view your photography or your art any ole time you're too busy to write. :-) Love (cousin) Glenda

  2. Oh sweet bareback rides...I am not sure I could survive Wa's withers...not unless I had an EXTRA thick sanitary "flotation" pad on!

    Yea...we just had a break from what you have n ow...fickle Ms. Spring!
    LOVE the double rainbow Jules!Nice shot!
    I went out on Danny Boy today...was just not in the mood for any antics...he has way more whoa than go...sometimes..I want that. Tomorrow Ms wa gets to be ponied on the same trip we took today..1,200 feet to 2,000 feet- round trip!
    Enjoy the down time...and they will enjoy the lovin!

  3. What a beautiful rainbow!!
    Now that all of our wind and rain storms are finished, I may be able to get out to ride one of my horses and play with that filly of mine!

  4. Glenda - Thanks for you words of encouragement. As always, you inspire me to keep the creativitiy flowing!

    allhorsestuff - Kacy you crack me up about riding bareback! I am glad your weather changed and you are out on the trails. I can't wait to read about the ponying trip with sweet Wa mare.

    Paint Girl - Glad your wind and rain are done! Now you can enjoy your birthday girl, Chance!

  5. As I get ready to go see Lilly today, the wind is wild! That might mean no trail ride! Because I'd sure hate to get whacked with a falling limb! Maybe instead I will practice my own bareback riding in the ring(?) hah! doubtful! because I am too chicken!
    cluck cluck

  6. baystatebrumby - You are hardly a chicken!!! If I were cantering around like you do I would not be bareback!! lol! I am bareback AT THE WALK!!!!!

  7. Bareback can be so fun, dont you think? LOVE the double rainbow picture, what a visual treat.
    So..curious..with the storms you've been getting (us too), how are the boys doing with the 24/7 turnout? Do they have shelter and did they use? I'm so curious b/c everytime I think Laz could do that, he's in his stall avoiding high winds/ or rain or etc..not sure what to do if in the future I have to move him.

  8. Kristen - I am going to do the "turnout post" tonight - I promise!

  9. Kristen - I am so tired - too tired to post! I will try for tomorrow. I want to really describe what we are doing with details more day!


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