Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little sisters of the sun lit candles in the rain

Tomorrow is historic "Jubilee Day" here in our town. Jubilee Day is supposedly the largest outdoor one-day street fair in the world, but that claim might be exaggerated by our enthusiastic Mayor. Maizie and I get all excited when Jubilee Day is approaching, because it seems like it is finally summer when it is Jubilee Day. To be perfectly honest, the fair is really just a lot of greasy food and carnival-looking crowds, but we love to walk in anyway and people watch!

I took this photo of Sovey and Pie this morning. The auto-auction is in the background and you can see some of the Jubilee Day rides (orange and red to the right) waiting until late tonight when they will move into town to be assembled. I am not sure if you can see in this picture, but Pie and Sovey are bleached out orange in the shape of saddles and girths. I guess that is their version of a farmer tan - a rider tan.

Mom and I write notes on our blackboard about which buckets we have scrubbed and filled. Sovey snuck in and added his own note.

Noodlebug was waiting in the window for me when I got home from riding this morning. She has her two little back bunny feet pressed up against the screen! So cute!

Maizie's last day of school was June 9th which explains my lack of blogging. When Maizie is in school I am lucky that I get to ride pretty much every single morning. Now that she is home, I run and bike with her in the mornings and ride the horses in the evenings after dinner. At least, that is the plan. Mother Nature and her evening thunderstorms have had a few things to say about my evening rides! All the changes to our routine have made Pie and Sovey a little confused. Horses love routines and ours hasn't been consistent for a few weeks. I rode Pie on Monday night and Sovey last night and then Mom and I rode this morning because Maizie has a riding lesson tonight. Pie has not been his easy-going self these last few rides. He is anxious and becomes frustrated easily when I ask him to walk in a direction that he doesn't want to go. I find it so interesting how differently Pie and Sovey react to uncomfortable situations. Last fall Sovey started to become anxious when riding out alone without Pie. Click here for that post. Sovey's reaction was to rush and nervously crane his neck around. By starting out again from square one, like he had just arrived at our farm, I was able to work through his insecurities. It didn't happen in a day, but it worked. Sovey is completely quiet and secure now without Pie. I can ride anywhere on Sovey alone and he is having fun again! Now, Pie is displaying his insecurities in a very different manner from Sovey. Pie stamps his foot and backs up and throws a temper tantrum if Sovey doesn't lead on the trail. Re-reading my old post about Sovey makes me feel that it is time to start again with the Pie-Pie boy - at square one, like he just arrived. This is why riding is so addictive. Everyday is new and different and requires thought and patience and consistency and repetition. I love it! So I am now on the "get Pie to smile again" plan.
And, on the colorful poster are two sweet puppy posters I had the opportunity to design for an Etsy client as a surprise Father's Day gift. Harry and Oliver...even their names are adorable!


  1. Ohh those posters are to die the color theme!
    Isn't it SO interesting, how their personalities just totally quick presto chango. I guess ours do too. I admire how you take it all in stride and make it positive. :)
    Noodlebugs feet are TOO cute! I think your town/life seems like a little fairy tale! Lots of happiness. It makes me smile to read your blog!!!!

  2. LOL @ the blackboard! Hahaha. I have a horse at one barn that insists the garbage pail his water is in should be tossed around at random. Bugger. Water everywhere.

  3. Boy, don't I know it about the schedules too with mare just adores a lazy morning...kinda like me. And last weekend at the coast...starting with leaving at 9:30... just threw her off so..then loading a horse behind her...she injured herself in my trailer again..then riding with strangers and riding twice in one day..though grassy meals in between and down time...boy was she wasted after that all! She is getting this whole week off...mostly because I am sick and secondly..the rains are terrible again...hit the record for June.. since 1888! Almost 5 inches now-and 12 days to go!

    Well, I love how you describe the love of finding the horses smile again. It is so like that! My mare's down time, though contrary to most TB owners and trainers thoughts on the issue, is good for her. I found that out when I took forced time down last year..she got to be better after it all.

    Pie Pie will be good in no time...I hope that the evening rides make him happy...I do so love them myself too. I will think of I ride the sunsets~think of me!
    those pups are too cute in your posters!
    and the Bugs bunny- feet, against the screen -Precious!

  4. Oh and double ps...
    Maizie girl...happy you got the summer off now too!!!

  5. I am glad to hear that you hadn't been blogging because of Good Stuff and not because you were injured! I love the horsie farmer tan. At least that is btter than a sunburn which is what Lilly can come up with on her pink skin! Are you and your mom giving Maizie her riding lessons? Does Maizie still keep a blog? I would like to see it again. You are so right...everyday on the back of the same horse on the same train is new (and exciting) everytime!
    PS. I love a carnival..even the greasy ones!

  6. Love the pictures and the posters. I always wanted to go to Jubilee Day. I don't think it's too far. Love the note:)


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