Wednesday, June 2, 2010

proud-walking jingle in the midnight sun

We had a very warm and eventful Memorial Day weekend. There was much riding and too much eating! Here is Pie getting it all started with a treat. Maizie took these photos of me riding him without tack. He is a sweet boy to let me do this. He and I both look rather round in these photos! I don't think he really is that sway-backed and I am hoping that my butt isn't really that big! lol!

Above, we are burning some calories trotting. I have a saddle on at this point, but I have been trotting him bareback (with the bitless bridle) and his trot is super smooth.

Our roses looked perfect in the morning before our Memorial Day picnic. I was an avid gardener back in the time before horses. Some of the flowers are forgiving and allow me to pretend that I am still a gardener. These roses are one such flower!

Noodle had the right idea all weekend. We rested in the cool breezes of the afternoons. I hope your holiday was fun too and full of horsey rides!

Below is a silly video of me riding Pie without tack. Turn your sound down. Look at me holding on to his mane like it is reins!


  1. Oh heavenly Juliette!
    He is such a sweetie...licking his lips as he goes! Teehehe!
    Your Bumm is not an issue! I am on a diet...right now the start of it is NOT to eat anything after 6pm...tonight is my first night. I am hungry!
    Loved your little stretched out noodle cat.


  2. Aww! Loved the video of you riding bareback! I hope to accomplish something like that someday!
    Love your Noodle!! So darn cute! That tail cracks me up!

  3. allhorsestuff - good luck with the "no night eating" plan. I thought you might enjoy Noodlebug's photo napping on the bed!

    Paint Girl - Noodle's tail is so funny in that picture! I bet you will ride your Chance bareback someday!

  4. I love the video! You look awesome and Pie looks so enormous! But you, you look very tny! Like a little peanut on a big ole horse! Do you ever ride under that flowery arch? because that looks like such a fun little portal. I also have to say, I saw Noodle and laughed out loud! That is the cutest thing ever. I mean CUTEST. THING. EVER!

  5. You are TINY but oh so brave! :)
    Good for you for riding so natural, how fun...I try to do bareback as much as possible but bitless...and bridleless and halterless...I'm too nerv for that-for ROCKET speed to come out when spook demons approach.
    Pie is a cutie Pie, lol!
    Do roses do best in full sun?! I want that arch in my backyard!!

  6. Oh and Noodle reminds me of a sleeping "!" with that tail! sweet babe!


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