Saturday, May 29, 2010

Throwing shadows on our eyes

Today our bunny-rabbit-Sovey-Boy and I snuck away from Pie-Pie for a ride around the church and trails. Pie was happily nibbling his Uncle Jimmy's that I hang for him in the paddock. I don't think he noticed that we left! I used a saddle since I was going off our property and I am still recovering from our bareback ride the other day - ouch. Sovey's back isn't at all like the soft waterbed Pie. First we stopped for carrots from Maizie and my mom. Next, we headed across the street and into new church territory. He was all ears in the new place. When Sovey is bored, his ears go down like he is a mad bunny, but when he is interested in something new, they stand up and look so pretty. Today was like that. We circled around and then headed back into our honeysuckle woods. Wow. It is pungent and yummy in there. We saw a crow attack a huge owl! That was something to see. Also, some neighbors were golfing into a "golf tent" and Sovey wasn't sure about that, but like a true trouper, he held it together. Someone ate our apples before we got to the barstool (piggy wildlife - deer?) so I allowed him to nibble some hay from the field. Then back home for hosing off and grazing. Happy horsey day.


  1. Oou J,
    That did sound like a lovely Bunnyeared day of a ride! Yessss, aren't things smelling so lovely these days!
    Humm a golf tent..that may be something for a horse to see now! Glad he held it together too!
    A crow and an Owl going at it...too weird..I dislike crows..they can be such villians!

    I too di a new little road road today...soft saddle all the way baby...Wa is Wayy to boney for me to ride bareback! I did it once...with a super duper Maxi-Pad on..that was okay.
    Anywho...a truck went by us on the road(very nice and slow) and when I saw he had a trailer with a golf cart-rattling behind..I just kept riding and waiting for Wa to notice, and maybe spook..nope...If I can hold it together..most times, so does she!

    Lisa Got the Poster..and posted today! YEA!!!
    Thanks again for that super cool thing!!!
    Love ya's

  2. You are exactly right about just keep riding and looking forward and often they won't spook if we just hold it together. I think you make your Wa girl be good by having faith in her.

    I just went over and saw Lisa's post. It is wonderful. You are such a great friend to her and me!!! Thank you for everything, Kacy. Her post is really great and you took your time just finding the perfect words for her and her journey with Apache! You are too much - sunshine on everyone from you!

  3. I love soft and bouncie rabbit ears...I call them airplane ears and I get them on Laz when he's happy, content and calm. BUT those pricked attentive ears remind me, he has a great instinct in's beautiful to see him 'prick' up like that. I'm learning to channel my inner 'laughter' when he's up and just let him be him and remind him, I'm here for you. Your sweet boys know that from's awesome to see!!! :)

  4. Someone ate the apples and someone else has rabbit ears! Hah! I love the visuals that you give us either with words or pictures! Lilly often has her ears looking like an old mules in photos. Bill always tells me about it too! But usually her ears are straight up only when she's getting twtchy about some scary thing nearby! Eeek! I do not like that! Give me those floppy mule ears any day! Can i also add that i love the idea of Pie nibbling so furiously that you and Sovey were able to sneak away! That is so cute. Little nibbler at his toy! I could hug him for that!


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