Friday, May 28, 2010

glory beyond our reach

I believe that horses are excellent indicators of their rider's mood. On days when I am happy and relaxed, the horses are too. Today I woke up cranky and stiff from a speed workout I did with Brian on the track yesterday. I just couldn't get out of my funk. There was hope for me in the early morning because the sun was gorgeous and the temperatures were mild. Then, boom, at 9 o'clock, out of nowhere came overcast skies and wet, dreary, damp air. It was chilly and miserable and I felt awful. I went to the barn to see the boys because being around them usually cheers me right up. I groomed and grazed them, but because of my perspective, they seemed cranky too. Pie was so rushed about everything. He kept walking up to the barn to get tacked up like he was in a big hurry. I put him in the cross-ties and slowly re-groomed him just to get us both in a better place. After that, I put the horses back out in the pasture and decided to go home and run to loosen up and get warm! Just then, my mother walked around the corner with a huge smile on her face and her half-chaps swinging in her hand. "Are we going riding?" she asked. I have a hard time saying no to riding. I honestly can't ride enough, and when the horses go out together, I know they enjoy it so I tacked them both up. The photo at the top is of us heading out.

This one is so cute of Sovey and Mom - happy as two larks. Pie and I were a completely different kettle of fish. Pie was jumpy and antsy and wanted to only follow Sovey for the entire ride. We tried to go to the cemetery, but Pie was having none of a tree trimming outfit working in the neighborhood. His poor heart was beating through my body. So we went home and walked and trotted the trails around the farm. Mom and Sovey seemed to really enjoy themselves. Poor Pie-Pie. His rider was a sad sack of sore muscles.


  1. We hear from you Thursday and Friday? Oh, what a tease this is. Dare I hope with school out we'll see this happen more often?

    I couldn't get over that amazing pink sky either. We walked around the neighborhood looking in all directions. Strange and beautiful - like pink mountains. I'm so glad you caught it on camera. Imagine - Maizie is a fourth generation horse woman. Did you ever post a picture of either of your grandparents riding? --- Glenda

  2. Hi Glenda!!! Yes, you might hear from more often now! I gave my last final on Wednesday of last week so I have more horsey time and blogging time! Summer is the best!
    Good idea - I am going to dig up some old photos of grandma and pap-pap with/on horses. I think we have some of Pap-Pap Kitzmiller with Chief too! I'll ask mom today.

  3. Oh Juliette...when you mom popped into view with half chaps danglin' I just beamed!
    I LOVE that you two ride out together...I did try to get my mom to go wit me on my sissy's mare pantz- when I had her a year ago..she almost did...right after she got her pace maker!

    Odd day. yup, I do agree...sometimes the mood emanates through the butt to the horses brain and what times are after that...look out sometimes! I try not to ride if i am in too bad a funk!
    Glad yours turned out alright...the pic were really cool too!
    PS...I can't ride enough wither...when I had the 2 horses...would ride one..then come home and go out again!


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