Saturday, May 1, 2010

a fanfare blowing to the sun

Tonight we celebrated our own little Derby. The Pennsyltucky Derby. Brian and I rode the boys and Maizie graciously photographed for us. It had been miserable hot all day and it only cooled down to 79 degrees for our ride, but there was a slight breeze which made it really nice. Also, the sky was gorgeous with wispy clouds and a yellow-pink sunset. Here is Brian bonding with Sovey before the ride. Hysterically, we ended up wearing matching jeans and navy t-shirts. Unplanned, but funny since our horses are twins too.
Here we are making sure Brian and Sovey are doing ok while still safe inside the pastures. Sovey's real name is Suave Lord. His father, Suave Prospect, raced in the 1995 Kentucky Derby! Brian and I kept to the walk for our little Derby.

Entering the woods.

Brian and Sovey.

Poor Pie's eyes caught in the flash.

We are in an open area in the woods.
Here comes two hungry horsies heading toward two juicy apples!

This is a great shot of our kind apple-sharing neighbors!!! We are so lucky. And, how about our matching outfits - Team Blue Shirts! Hilarious! Pie and Sovey munch some grass happily as we talk. No bits so they can enjoy a few nibbles. They are good about only munching if we are talking, but the funniest thing is that they know all the neighbors who we like to chat with and they immediately head to those homes for a nibble/conversation! Naughty nibblers.

Amazing sky.

Pie's stinky face.

Darkness in the woods.

Our sweet photobug.


  1. I can't help but notice you have some horses being ridden bitless there. Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog about your bit to bitless journey. If you are interested gimme a shout

  2. What a great Derby day for you two love birds!
    I REALLY love that you two ride together..oou lala! So COOL! The little bench with two apples...that is sweeet!

    The trails are so lush and green, and going in and out of the tress...always is fun. Your Little(actually lanky and tall, photobug is so cute..what a beautiful eyes she has!
    POSTER ...I so can see that cool "amazing sky" lightened up some and Wala..the best ever of you two!

  3. Sydney - I would love to chronicle my bit to bitless journey! I just sent you an email.

    allhorsestuff - our trails really are pretty now and so is our (tall and lanky) Maizie girl. She is growing up too quickly! You are right - there is a poster in this post!

  4. So beautiful, peaceful and happy.....

  5. What a lovely ride!! I would take your 79 degrees over our rain and wind, any day!! Maizie is becoming quite the photographer!

  6. Matching jeans & were wearing your colors on Derby Day. Looks like a lovely ride despite the heat. I'm so jealous that you are complaining of heat. I want to complain about the heat, but I'm still complaining about the cold. I feel like I live on a different snowed yesterday here! Arghhh! Beautiful pictures; it looks so green and lush there. Glad you had a nice ride.

  7. I love the derby! Maybe I could try to institute a Massachucky derby(?) Hah! that sounds so terrible doesn't it? I love watching Team Blue Shirt go around the green!I also love the spectators who came out! So much fun. I do know that Lilly would have wanted to GALLOP across that field to get to the apples! Thank goodness your photographer was so willing--she got some great pictures. I totally LOVE the stinky face. the first time I saw horses doing that I almost died! It is so funny!

  8. Oh wow, great photos and I love that you guys matched, but not done on purpose...shows you are on the same wavelength! :)
    What a great way to celebrate the OTTB's..a lovely ride that they do enjoy, with apples, friendly fans and bitless bridles. Very nice. :)

  9. Hosanna - I hope you are back riding!

    Paint Girl - Sending nice weather your way.

    Once Upon - I am sorry for complaining about the heat. That is awful of me. I really do appreciate the summer-like weather we have been having. Sorry!!! Hopefully green grass and warm temps are headed your way.

    baystatebrumby - Massachucky Derby!!!! That is soooo funny! Team Blue Shirt is gearing up for more team members. Are you coming down here to PA soon? I know you would love a turn around the green - no galloping though - our boys are walking boys so far.

    Kristen - Brian and I are on the same wavelength. We are constantly dressing the same!


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