Thursday, May 27, 2010

give her a feather, she's a Cherokee

Sovey's little ears and the tennis court irises yesterday morning.

Action shot of me getting on Pie yesterday with a saddle. Pie went so well in the woods. He is very interested in trotting lately. Lots of praise for him on our Monday ride so now he wants to trot at every turn. Silly boy.

After my ride on Pie, I jumped on Sovey bareback. He was wonderful. The state road crew made a new bumpy culvert on the road right behind us. Grrrr. Trucks and trailers make such loud noises when they go over it. Pie did a few leaps and twists for me, but Sovey never flinched.

Who is this new little rider with a western saddle and English bridle? It is Maizie taking her third riding lesson on a sweet liver chestnut mare, Serenade.

Learning to post. Right after this she had to post without stirrups. Oh, the memories!

Pink cotton candy clouds. If you could only smell the honeysuckle! It is extra fragrant this year.


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't think I have ever seen you ride in a saddle! That is so cool that Maizie is taking lessons!! I do wish our weather looked more like yours!

  2. You look good on tack! Tehehe! Sovey does have petite ears, I say.
    That is Excellent about Maizie- she looks intent..who is teaching?
    yup, I do recall those stirrup less lessons...I loved it..mostly the jumping though! She looks great...I hope that I can get my gal friend in a Western saddle this weekend...or if not, my deep seat Dressage. She will feel better with MORE saddle!
    Wonderful cotton candy clouds..yummy!

  3. Paint Girl - You are right - I am not big on saddles, but trotting and soon to be cantering are going to force me to use the saddle (at least for a little while)! I hope your weather is nice soon.

    allhorsestuff - I hope your friend has a good ride. She is doing well and so are you as the instructor!


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