Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pie's 5th Birthday!

Friday, May 7th was Pie's 5th birthday. Now he is a big five year old boy! This picture of him, above, was taken on his birthday. He is a big giant boy standing with our dear neighbors, Winnie and Ralph. Winnie is 91 years old and Ralph is 93 and they live independently in the house across the street from our house, Nutmeg Cottage.
Friday was sunny with perfect 68 degree temperatures and no wind. I was just going to ride the birthday boy around the farm, but after I groomed Sovey, old Sovey decided he would park himself under the forebay and not budge. This is where I tack him up, so I knew he was asking to go too. I phoned my mom and told her that her boy was demanding a ride so she hustled over and off we all went for a fantastic ride around the farm. We celebrated Pie's birthday last year with a ride too. You can read that post here. This year, there was some commotion in the sleepy development beside our farm so we popped out through the woods to investigate.

It was a neighborhood yard sale. There were cars and people and tents and umbrellas everywhere. Definitely a Thoroughbred nightmare. Pie was interested, though. Usually, when this street is empty, I can't get Pie to investigate it. He shies at basketball hoops and fire hydrants. With Sovey by his side and all the laughter and sunshine and good energy he was not afraid in the least. Early on, a motorcycle rode right beside us as we slowly made our way up the street. They were the very best of boys!

Halfway up the street I spied my neighbors, Winnie and Ralph, who live across the street from me, 3 miles away! They were helping at this yard sale so we stopped and visited and I asked them to come over to the barn later so I could get a picture of Pie with them. Winnie is so tiny and Pie-Pie is so big - I thought it would make a good photo.

The horses were amazing through the entire morning. I like to expose them to many new sights and sounds. Sovey is afraid of nothing and Pie is always willing to ask, "Should I be afraid?" before just freaking out. He is a blank canvas and he kindly allows Sovey or me to answer (and he listens) when we tell him that he is safe.

Above, Sovereign stands while Mom is untacking. At this point, she is complaining that she doesn't have a groom! Ha! And, below, Sovey watches as Mom performs a pretty fancy "half-chaps-removal-maneuver". She thinks she is a ballerina apparently.

I think Pie enjoyed his birthday ride. Poor Sovey was foaled on January 19th, so his special day is usually chilly. At least he got to have a fun ride on Pie's special day.

Above is my favorite view out my kitchen window. Throughout the summer and early fall, Winnie washes Ralph's hats. She dries them by putting them on milk jugs that are on rebar posts in the yard. The wind twirls the jugs around on the posts, and because of the placement of the milk jug's handles, the entire set-up is priceless! It looks like three faces twirling in the wind.

Winnie and Ralph are the kindest, sweetest people on the planet. Winnie bakes and cooks food all day and shares with her church and the local senior organization. She doesn't drive, but Ralph drives her everywhere. They celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary this year! Isn't that amazing?!

On September 11, 2001, it was a sunny day here in Pennsylvania and Winnie was drying Ralph's hats on the poles. I remember standing in the middle of the street watching the hats slowly twirl around. Ralph came outside and we just shook our heads. He said, in his old-fashioned way, "What kind of trick were they pulling?"


  1. One of my all time favorite posts Juliette!! How DEAR is that first photo! I'm so glad your boys show how brave they can be for you bc u give them that assurance no doubt! LOVED this post!!!!!! Happy bday Pie and bel
    Late to king Sovey too of course!!

  2. Wonderful, heartfelt blog, Julie. I was smiling throughout the reading. The photos of the drying hats are too much. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. And Happy Birthday to Scaredy-Pie. --- Glenda

  3. Lovely post - and a happy birthday to Pie!

  4. Happy bday to you Pie! He is so young! What a handsome boy in that first picture. I love the story of Winnie and Ralph. They are amazing! The hat drying on the milk jugs- priceless!!
    I hope you had a wonderful mother's day, Juliette!

  5. Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day, Julie! Winnie and Ralph are so adorable and look so Tiny next to Pie! And you're right, those hats do look like faces twirling. Very cool photo!

  6. This post is so priceless with those bobbling hats on milk jugs! That is so whimisical and wonderful. I also love Winnie and Ralph. I love their names and I love their little bodies and expressions. So cute how they are next to a big strapping horse like Pie! Don't you just want to grab Ralph and fling him on Pie? I also LOVE your mom in the graceful sweep of half-chap removal. It's like the PieCracker! I could learn a few lessons from you and your mum!
    isn't the nice weather grand? It almost makes me want to move to a warmer clime! But leave New England? I couldn't!

  7. Sounds like it was a great day for all. Happy Birthday, Pie!!

    In their nineties and living indepentdently is pretty darn cool! Love the hat dryers. Very inventive.


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