Saturday, May 22, 2010

you're my blue sky, you're my sunny day

Here is a silly Sovey face standing quietly in the forebay while I tack him up. What a cute, good boy he is. Yesterday was sunny and 70 degrees. Perfect for a riding adventure into new territory.

Here is another snap of Sovey (and my mom holding him). I tack up Pie in the cross-ties in the barn. I enjoy quietly spending that time with him. Ol' Sovey, though, is worried that Pie is getting loving (or treats) that he might be missing, so he and my mom keep wandering back up to the barn. Yesterday, Sovey flung the screen door (yes, our barn has screen doors!) open and kept peeking his funny face inside. He had me laughing so much. I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and my billets ended up looking like this! (I know some people criss-cross their billets when their girth is too long - with Pie's pleasantly plump barrel we don't have to worry about that!)

After getting my tack fixed properly, we got on and headed out across the street to the church field. I promptly dropped my cell phone while trying to take photos. Ugh! Pie was kind enough, however, to leave a manure "gift" on our ride that required me to retrace all our steps later. I took all these photos on that manure-pick-up-run.

I love this old gate post on the church property. This grove of trees is where my mom's friends boarded their horses in the 1950's.

The cross to the left has a cache at the bottom that Maizie has found and logged. She loves to show her "new-to-geocaching-friends" this one because it is a micro and so well-hidden. The cross is up on a high bluff. To the right of this picture is a steep drop-off because the area is above a limekiln. We can't take the horses down to the limekiln because it actually is in a private yard.

Since I was on foot, I snuck down for a photo of the limekiln. Sorry it is blurry. I was rushing because I was sneaking around their backyard!

Here is a view from the church field looking back toward our farm. I can't believe they mow all this weekly. Pie and Sovey think they should employ some ex-racers to gobble all the grass. We surely could adopt at least six more boys to eat all this! I'll tell the church people my idea - I wonder what they will think!

Here is some laundry that Sovey was not keen about. We knew he didn't like it because when he sees any laundry he puts his head up like a giraffe. That is the only way you know that Sovey is scared of something. My mom likes to start talking about the laundry that Sovey is staring at. I think she is trying to calm him, but it really cracks me up. She starts editorializing all about the laundry - like yesterday's discussion when she saw this view was, "I wonder where she got those cute camisoles. I'd like to get some like that. Boy, they sure have a lot of laundry. Are there only two of them in that house? How do they get that much laundry?" Sovey likes her comments, but I am so embarrassed. I hope no one hears her.

This is a view down the street we tackled. Pie and Sovey had not been here before and there is a large dog tied up that barks all the time. We knew that it might be a tricky business. The dog waits until you are right there and then it darts out barking. It is attached with a chain and the chain scrapes the wooden door and it sounds like a loud tiger. Pie and Sovey skittered their back feet the first time we walked by the dog on the way out. On the way back home, I told mom to sing louder than the chain. She was belting out Tammy by Debbie Reynolds from 1957 only she changed the lyrics to "Sovey, Sovey, Sovey's in love" and I was singing Blue Sky for Pie. It worked! The boys were perfect angels.

Here is a manhole cover that gives Pie some trouble. He doesn't mind the normal covers, but the ones with the pictures are terribly s-c-a-r-y! Isn't that funny that he can tell the difference?

Back in our own woods, Pie wanted to take a path to the right and I wanted him to take the path to the left. He was determined, but so was I. We circled and then he was a good boy and went to the left.

This is what I wanted him to see - lovely purple phlox!!

Here are our "noxious" roses. They are wild, and the state of Pennsylvania hates them because they are invasive, but they smell heavenly. Their scent combines with the soon-to-bloom Honeysuckle to make the most amazing fragrance. Sigh.

Here is one of the paths I cut through the hayfield. I am sure our farmer doesn't appreciate my path-making, but Pie and Sovey sure do! They have all these secret paths for walking with nice hay nibbles on either side. Yummy!

Here are the two sleepy boys after their long ride!


  1. I was laughing at the image of you two singing loudly to keep the "horse demons" at bay!

  2. Kate - I keep laughing thinking back on it. I am sure the neighbors think we are nuts! Of course, they are right.

  3. Such beautiful places to ride! Gorgeous.

  4. And I love, love, love that your mom has you and two silly horsey-boys for daily companions at the farm. With the renaissance son-in-law tossed in to the mix just often enough. And what can one even say to describe the will-o-wisp grand daughter she loves so much. Life Is Good!
    ---- Glenda

  5. Oh Juliette...loverly ride you two had and I am soo a believer in what I call, 'Trail Opera". I discovered long ago while out on some of our first solo rides...if I hollered into the woods after the scary monsters..the mare calmed down, amazingly.
    So now, I just sing vibrato like, which ever words come to mind! Your mom's songs were too cute! Loved the revised lyrics!

    Did you ever find the misplaced pile of poo? are so good to go back and do recon! Love the mischievous yard pic too!

    Glad that it was so nice...gonna try for a ride myself, been a week of rains, and I need trail solace right now!

  6. Hosanna - I know you have pretty riding places down in VA. I hope you are getting to ride this spring!

    Glenda - Life is good! Don't forget how grateful we are for you, mom's wordsmith cousin who helped make her winter that much warmer this year in Florida! I need you to write this blog - your words are lovely - will-o-wisp Maizie - perfect!

    allhorsestuff - I am glad your rains are going and you are able to take the Wa out. That is so funny - Trail Opera. Wa will make all your stresses just vanish!

  7. Looks like a lovely ride. Sovey is indeed a cutie. I had no idea that roses could be deemed noxious. The laundry on the line reminded me of being at my grandma's house when I was a kid. You live in a very pretty area.

  8. I LOVED going along with you on this post! It was so much fun, between the camisoles that were so cute and that snazzy manhole cover! And the singing! Debbie Reynolds, who I don't know, has got to be so much better than Debbie Boone!It sounds like you are all very silly and fun to be around there!
    Who is Duane Allman?

  9. baystatebrumby - Debbie Reynolds vs. Debbie Boone - it might be a close call!!! Duane Allman was lead singer/guitarist for Allman Brothers. He died in 1971 and four guys carved the memorial - I was singing the Allman Bros. "Blue Sky" to Pie and I always have liked that photo.

  10. What great photos..I'm catching up on your blog, what beautiful posts!! You are a bareback girl, how fun! Your TB's look so happy, calm and ooozing the knowledge that they are well loved. :)


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