Friday, February 11, 2011

Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue

Two brothers sharing the sunshine today in the same pasture.  

After walking the little Foggy around the property in the morning and grooming him, I thought it was time to try him turned out with his brother.  I put Pie in the small paddock and brought Sovey over to Foggy's pasture.  Mostly they nibbled hay together. Sovey did pin his ears to keep Foggy in line.  Foggy only offers "nice" as a response - he stares, he snuggles, he keeps his ears up, questioning.  He never reacts back, so what is Sovey to do? Foggy reminds me of my husband.  Brian is only nice.  It is tough to "posture" against nice.  

Pie was worried for the first few minutes alone in the paddock watching the brothers, so I sat on the fence with him and we watched together.  Pie loved me sitting on the fence, especially because my treat pocket was mouth - level!

Strawberry Letter # 23 was running through my head the whole time they were out together, I guess because that song was by The Brothers Johnson and I was thinking of the "brothers" enjoying their time. Brian just said, "Speaking of esoterica, how about a little Brothers Johnson for you?"  Sorry. Boring post, but in this case, I welcome boring.  I like very little fireworks when working with horses!  



  1. Nice to see them together - do they have matching socklets on the left hinds?

  2. Yes Kate - matching socklets on the left hinds!!! I love that...and they have matching "poochy" legs...that turn out like they are in first position in ballet. Not great for horse conformation, but cute as can be.

    When I am facing back and grooming their hind legs, I forget which horse I am with - they look so much alike. When Foggy gets some weight on him he will really be a twin.

  3. So, so cute. this isn't a boring post at all - are you kidding? I love reading about Foggy's integration with his new home and how the others react. It was so nice of you to sit on the fence with Pie. I think you intuitively know what to do.

  4. Here is a funny glimpse inside my world. I just received this email from my mom:

    Hi Jul Bug,
    I fed the boys and all went well. I read your blog and you said that their hind legs are like first position in ballet and that is toes pointing straight out to the side. They are actually more like fifth position, don't you think?
    Love and hugs,

    She cracks me up!

  5. I also love Strawberry Letter #23; it's one of those songs I just carry around with me, a great piece that never really got its due, I don't think.

  6. I like boring with my horses too. hehe I am so happy to see photos of the bros gettin' their graze on, together.

  7. Yay brothers hanging out! Good on you for giving Pie moral support. All posts about our horses should be this calm and satisfying :)

    (Wasn't there another post recently where your mom was right?!)

  8. Rachel - boring is good!

    Calm, Forward, Straight - Oh, my mom is going to LOVE your comment!!! Yes, she was right...again!
    She always has a lot to share, but I am grateful for the assistance with Pie the other day - the ballet help is just SO HER adding her two cents!

  9. Whoo whoo whoo, a whoo oou! Perfectly wonderful bothers song!
    The ballet position dialog is totally cracking me up...I know nothing of it, it is so cute!
    So good to see them together, they so resemlbe each other and the "Nice" response from "Little Foggy" suits him..he looks to have demeanor as his Life force~
    I hope Pie Pie can settle into having him be his herd member.

    Yes, I like little to NO fireworks system can't take it. I'm having a treat of riding the outdoors and open flats today...Wa should like that for a break..mee too!

  10. Success! One big tall horse down, one to go! isn't it so nice to listen to horses chomping on their hay? isn't it one of the best sounds ever? Sometimes before I leave Lilly, I linger and listen to her nibbling yummy hay. I am so glad the brothers had a good day! How fabulous that they are together. They look wonderful in the pictures. You're up next, Pie Pie!!! Let's hope there are no fireworks that day either. That post you mentioned when Pie was up on his hind legs must have been very unnerving!

  11. I think Foggy and your husband can teach us all a thing or two...their look lovely in the low winter sun. First, fifth, who they do plie's?

  12. Aww....I'm so glad they're getting along so well! Welcome to the family, Foggy :) They look like such a cute pair.

  13. Love how the brothers instantly "fit", and resemble each other. Pie will likely take longer, you have great intuition and he too will fit.

  14. Juliette, I'm glad the brothers are doing so well. I'm wondering... just a thought... if Pie can sense their special bond, and feels a little left out sometimes.... Or, it may just take him a bit longer. So nice that you sat with him, and had treats nearby :).

  15. How wonderful!!!
    I'm finding a herd of three has balance and it seems to change daily. Its so cute that the brothers have a special bond...and that Foggy is "Nice!" :)
    Calm and quiet is perfect and I love the ballet talk, haha! I think you told me, your workings with your TB's is like a dance daily
    What fun!


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