Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lingers forever as a part of me

Here I am on Sovereign as we headed out on our ride this morning.  It was 18 degrees, but it was sunny and less windy than yesterday.  I don't like cold weather at all, but I will do anything to ride, including wearing several layers and a helmet cover that makes me look like my head is ridiculously huge.  Sweet baystatebrumby has a similar helmet cozy but hers is in a soft pink color.  I bought this one a few years ago.  I thought the red color would be good for hunter safety, but I neglected to think about just how much bigger the red makes your head look!  

Of course, the attractive Carhartt coveralls and rectangular Sorel boots complete my high-end, upper-crust equestrian attire.  

And, here we have another equestrian dressed for success!

(I can barely type because I am laughing so hard - tears are rolling down my face.)  This is my mother and she wasn't riding today, but she did walk along with us on our ride around the farm.  She is absolutely hysterical looking in this get-up and I kept getting the giggles during the entire ride.  

Sovereign was such a great horse today.  He is always a great horse, but today he was exceptional.  I rode him on the buckle around the farm and through the woods.  February 9th, 18 degrees, OTTB, no bit, on the buckle!  I sure am lucky to have him.  He only had one little, tiny pause.  There is a pipeline that crosses under our property and they recently replaced the official marker.  I thought it looked different, but Sovey's reaction told me that it definitely was new.  He stopped and snorted and circled back.  I told mom to walk ahead by it and touch it.  She was talking and couldn't hear anything I was saying because of the crunching snow (and all the headgear she had on) so she just walked right on by the marker.  I thought she might stop and help me get Sovey by it.  No worries, he just followed her and never said another snort about it.

Next we stopped at the apple-barstool snack station.  Two apples greeted the Sovey-boy.  He gobbled them up slowly with his eyes closed.  We think they were frozen, but he didn't mind.  Mom said she was sweating from all the trudging through the snow, but I was freezing.  Riding just doesn't keep you warm at the walk, but it sure is fun.

This photo is out of order.  I took this right at the beginning of the ride.  You can see the mud I couldn't get off Sovey, and the mudball, Pie, in the paddock.  These two found mud yesterday afternoon and were covered in it.  It was super windy and they found the stinkiest mud to roll in.  It doesn't smell like manure, but it is mud where old hay is breaking down.  It has a pond/algae smell and I could barely stand grooming Sovey today.  I am a bloodhound, so it probably isn't that strong, but I thought both horses reeked.

On our way back around we saw the fox at the exact spot where Pie threw a wing-ding the other day!  Sovey was perfect but I bet that little fox was what caused Pie to jump around.  

I am so glad we were able to ride around the farm today of all days.   Today, February 9th, was my grandfather's birthday.  Here is the story of how he found our farm for my mother and her horses in 1957.   

Sometimes I flirt with the idea of starting another blog just to outline the wisdom this man passed on to me.  My husband, Brian, never got to meet my grandfather, but his philosophy about life and business and time and money inspire our daily choices.   Another Renaissance Man, my grandfather was an architect, a pilot, a hugely successful businessman (restaurant and motel) a tennis player and a golfer.  He rode horses a little, mainly because he was born and raised on a farm, but he wholeheartedly encouraged his wife and daughter to pursue their passion for horses. Mostly, though, I am in awe of how he figured out how to earn the most valuable commodity ever - TIME. 

My grandfather - 2 years old!


  1. You're braver than I would ever be. I love to ride, but not when it's that cold. I have a good excuse as I'm still getting over my surgery and I can't ride, but I wouldn't when it's this cold.

    Good for you.


  2. A nice tribute ride to your grandfather! That's cold enough - sometimes I'm not brave enough to ride when it's that cold.

  3. As a trained historian, I've come to really appreciate the wisdom of elders. I would love to read more about your grandfather someday!

  4. You are so awesome to ride in those temps! (I take back my complaining about my ride today)

    I'd love to hear more about your Grandfather - and the snack station too :)

  5. I love your outfit. It's great, and practical too. Anything that works in those temperatures! What a good boy Sovey was. Sounds like a geat ride and a nice way to spend some time with your Mother today. She looks very cute :)
    Your grandfather sounds like an amazing man. A great role model.

  6. Your mother is so cute!!!

    Very interesting to read about your grandfather. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really admire that you're willing to ride in these kinds of temperatures! I'm way too much of a wuss to do anything but basic chores in this cold!

    The photo of your mom is hilarious!! That get-up reminds me of a jawa:


    Your grandfather sounds like an amazing man. I always admire people who live their lives with such passion. I will have to go back and read the story in your link.

  8. Oh harharhar!!!Your mom was armed too...with a stumpy looking- half carrot!
    I skipped that 18 degree ride this year and Wa thanked me for it!last yr we did that anbd I bruised her heals, bad momma trotted.

    Sovey boy, I just sigh thinking of your ride.
    Though I have been riding in a bit this mo...I adore my bareback/bitless/buckle rides too. We claim the trail world- with our TB's!!
    I amswered your mane/tail question just now too...the product I use for them.
    Ick smell, that sounds like, as you groomed. We have a "keen smell sence" in common too Jules. Sounds as though the ground was sour..oou~

    Nice ride with Grandpa in mind and what a man he was! You should do that Tribute blog..sounds wonderful.

  9. You all crack me up so much...

    allhorsestuff - KK - that stumpy carrot comment was hilarious!

    Jessie McCandless - thanks for the funny jawa link!!!

    I love blogging - you all are my dear distant friends! I love feeling like we all share in our love of horses and our tiredness of winter and laughs about funny photos! Thanks!!!!

  10. How I love the old phohots. Did you know that Kestrel shares a birthday with your grandfather? how fun to have a birthday so close to Valentine's Day. I laughed too at both your mum and your huge bobblehead. I did not even recognize your mum! Thank goodness I am not the only one who will throw vanity out the window in an effort to stay warm!

  11. Juliette, What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. He sounds like such a special person. So nice that you appreciate your legacy from him.

    Love the comments and pictures about the equine attire! I am so laughing with you about it, as I too look ridiculous in some of the things I wear to ride in the cold! You are so funny!

    Glad that you had a good ride on Sovey. He is so special! I can just see his eyes closed as he munched on those apples - how sweet you are to have the apple stools for your horses!


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