Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Janey and her mission man

Looking back on the week before Memorial Day and all through that holiday weekend we had humid and terribly hot days.  On June 2nd the temperatures dropped and the pressure rose and we had 5 glorious days!  Can you guess what I was doing everyday? Riding my boys - mostly two a day! The heat is coming back tomorrow - yuck.  

Today is June 7th! I love that date. There is something so summer-y and end-of-school-like about saying June 7th. (Although, Maizie's school doesn't end until this Thursday!)  I remember on January 7th dreaming about what I might be doing on June 7th.

I got to the barn early today and tacked up the Pie.  You can see his silly ear as we headed out past the tennis court.  He has been an exceptional horse the last few weeks.  Last Thursday, a road crew was working in front of our farm and Pie demanded to visit the stop-sign-turning-guy.  In fact, the man crossed us over to the church and back again on our way home!  It was auto-auction day with traffic and loud speakers but my good Pie wanted to investigate off our property.  I just adore him!

These two are from this morning's ride.

And this one, below, is also from this morning, but I am on the Foggy-boy.  He is eating apples out of a tub so I can sneak on bareback!  I ride him in the ring with a saddle and he is a perfect angel.  Rings just aren't my thing, though, so recently I have been climbing on while he grazes in the evening. A few nights ago, I was on him and he was munching happily in Sovey's bridle (the one without a throat latch criss-cross) and he somehow stepped out of it and there we were - no bridle, no saddle - just a fly mask!!!  I think I could hold Foggy in the palm of my hand though, so I wasn't too worried.  He is gaining weight with his happy beet pulp snack. 

I love when horses groom and "hug" each other.  I especially love it when the brothers do it.  I never was on a horse before when the hugging started, but this morning Foggy and Sovey included me in their snuggling.  I was a little scared of the alligator Sovey having his teeth so close to my knee, but the little naughty decided to grab hold of my right rein and play with it and tug it around.  I reached down and got it from him and guided Foggy away from the paddock!

And in more "summer is coming" news, my Crazy Maizie Jane-(y) and her mission man daddy, Brian, have been keeping us all busy with serious athletic events.  This past Saturday morning, Maizie jumped 8 feet 1/2 inch in the standing long jump and won our local meet!  Last year she was third in the state, but this was her best jump ever in a meet.  (Got to love the sign, above.  No Sunflower Seeds!)

She and Brian have also been training each evening to do pull-ups at Jubilee Day this year.  The Marines set up a bar and challenge men to do 20 pull-ups and women to hang with bent arms for 70 seconds.  Maizie and Brian are determined to earn a tee shirt(!) so they have been practicing.

I am not usually as competition happy as those two.  This year, however, I have committed to running the Harrisburg Mile in July.  I have always been a runner, but the words, "Runners take your mark" make me nauseous. Then, in the middle of May we received the Harrisburg Mile application form in the mail.

Brian was on the front cover!!!!!!!!

I decided that must be some kind of sign that I am supposed to race too this year!  Everything I do has ulterior motives that all lead back to horses and riding.  I figure that my race training will make me lighter for little Foggy-boy's rides! 


  1. If only I had some willpower...I must lighten up, I like the logic, do it for the love of your horse is nothing else!

    How you sit bareback on Foggy while they snuggle is beyond me, but then you know them so well.

    What a glossy mane Foggy has!

  2. I was included in a two horse / one woman groom and snuggle fest once. It was with two notoriously stand offish mares - such an honor. I was not mounted however, or I was, but on the fence.

    Lovely moments and a sweet post! :)

  3. One time I had a rake, those retractable ones. I was on a mission to knock some bird nests down and a yearling came over to see what I was doing to I started scratching her with the rake. Well the fuzz started flying and soon enough the rest of the herd was there wondering what was going on. I started scratching the rest. The ones that were not being "raked" were furiously grooming eachother. They would take turns being scratched by me. Best investment ever.

  4. There's a lot of great stuff going on up there! I can't believe how big Maizie is getting....good luck to everyone in their athletic endeavors! Keep us posted...

  5. What family fun!! And I mean, the whole family, from husband, to daughter to ponies!
    Pie is SO brave and inquisitive..that is my FAVORITE part of the OTTB. When the bravery comes out.

  6. Your posts are so much fun to read! Alligator Sovey! That is tres drole!! It sounds like you are having SO MUCH fun this summer. I am so envious. You have three AWSUM guys and now you have the Investigaor and you have a beet pulp gobbler! And the Alligator!! It sounds like a children's book! Just wonderful. There is so much to read about going on at Honeysuckle Faire! Maizie is amaaaazing! Can you believe Brian on the application! It is such a great photo, don't you think? It says so much, is so inspiriting. I cannot wait to read what happens next!

  7. I love your horsey-interactions, they are so sweet!! Good luck with the race, just remember to have fun!


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