Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been one poor correspondent

Look at those adorable long bunny ears! Can you guess who they belong to?  Yes, they are the crazy long ears of one cute Found in the Fog as we headed out on our ride this morning.  I've been one poor correspondent and I've been too, too hard to find recently in the blogger world mainly because my real life has taken over my virtual life!  Riding three horses, petsitting our usual summer puppy friends, and mostly being Maizie's mommy has taken me away from the computer.  I can't say I am sorry though - summer is too short to miss!

These ears, above, are also from this morning, but these are Pie's ears. I rode him first.  Here he is, below, trying to touch the mailbox so I will give him a treat!

When Pie and Sovereign first came to our farm, they loved to head out through the fields on our rides and it was difficult to get them to go back to the barn.  Sometimes my rides stretched into two hour adventures because they just never had enough.  I loved that!  After a year or so, though, both horses were done with adventuring.  I ride them out each day happily, but they don't seem to want to go much farther than our borders.  Also, they walk back to the barn/pastures willingly, if not, quickly.  

Now that Foggy is with us and I am able to ride him, I am noticing the very same initial desire to go out far and I am having difficulties getting him back to the barn after we go out.  Does anyone know what causes this? 

Foggy is attached to Pie and Sovey.  He doesn't like to graze or be away from the barn if they are in the barn. He will call and rush back to the barn. Yet, when I ride him, he wants to leave and just keep going. He could care less about them. 

Today, I took him out much farther than I ever had before on the trails. When it was time to come home, he would not go forward in that direction. He wants to head east. If I trick him and take him another way, as soon as he spies the barn, he circles and tries to head away.  Pie and Sovey used to do the very same thing in the first year they were with us. I had to dismount sometimes to get them back to the barn.  Today, I had to dismount to get Foggy back home too. I am not really complaining - I love a horse that is willing to keep riding.  But, I know how this goes. It happened with the other two.  They just stopped wanting to go out far one day and now their homing device is set to the barn.  I used to think it was Philadelphia, where they all came from - east of us that was "calling" the horses home. Really though, it is any direction away from what they know. It is exactly like they want to see what is out there, but after a year, they don't care anymore.  I have to force Pie and Sovey to investigate uncharted land now, but for the first year, they pulled me to see more.  Now Foggy is in that stage.  I don't want it to end, but I wish I knew what was going on and why it happens like this. 

In addition, I am still riding Foggy bareback because he is built weird and skinny right now and I don't think my saddle fits him correctly. When Pie and Sovey were in their early investigation stage, at least I had a saddle and stirrups so I could lean forward and comfort them (myself) by patting (grabbing) mane. With Foggy, I am out there bareback and bitless and pretty much along for the ride as he happily walks around the farm. He is much smaller than the other two in height so I reassure myself that a fall won't hurt quite as much! I wish I could keep them all this interested in walking far away from the farm forever. I guess it is a good thing -  I probably wouldn't ever come home. 

Here is Foggy seeing a new neighboring field for the first time this morning.  The Pennsylvania Turnpike is on the other side and the loud trucks were racing. He could care less - he just kept moving forward away from the barn with a purpose. 

I adore this photo!!!!  Somehow, I captured Foggy's quick side glance at a scary object. A year from now, he will shy big at all this like Pie and Sovey do now when they see scary things. But, in this early stage, nothing is too frightening - a quick glance and then he keeps moving away from the barn.  What is this all about and why can't they stay like this?


We have had gorgeous sunsets every night here of pink and orange and blue. Too lovely for words. And, this second there are singing birds and fragrant Locust and Chinese Chestnuts trees wafting their evening scents all around. June 21st is sweet and sorrowful all at the same time. I can almost forget summer's bugs right now.

On Thursday, Maizie and Brian achieved their Jubilee Day goals of pull-ups (him 25) and flexed arm hang (her 76 seconds) and earned their Marine Corps t-shirts that say "Pain is weakness leaving the body". How funny is that? Here are videos of them!

Tonight I was rushing around trying to clean up after dinner and get Maizie to her tennis practice.  I glanced in the mirror and said, "Oh, my goodness...look at me!"  I still had on my barn clothes and my face was dirty and my hair was nutty. Maizie said sweetly, "I think you look pretty, Mama."  Then she added, "In an Albert Einstein sort of way."  


  1. Well, I've been a terrible reader. Life gets busy and it is difficult to keep up with everything. The work load goes up exponentially with the addition of each critter. I'm glad Foggy is doing so well. Cute pictures.

  2. You look great! I have no idea why horses do what they do. I just love being around them.


  3. That's an interesting issue, a horse that doesn't want to go home! Harley certainly know when he's rounded the corner on our trail rides. The pace picks up and he steps out in double time! I can't blame you for not writing, long days and lovely weather lead to time spent with the horses and not on the computer. Good to get an update and I love the "spooky ears" shot.

  4. Oh I miss you Julie! And Maizie's right, you do look pretty! I'm glad to hear everything is so great in your world. Love the riding shots.

  5. Jules, have missed you! But, in my heart KNEW exactly what was going on! I'm happy happy ~ for you! Love Foggy's ears!
    I too love that"capture"of the moments look!

    Yea...I'm having the same problem with my mate not wanting to go home...choosing every route, even ones I know for her to never choose....but...I also know why she does this, at this point. Unfortunately, her reasons are not happy ones.

    But your horse...I think he wishes to explore and move more...it feels good! I consider that happy riding!
    I LOVE MY SADDLE! having thermography done in a week..let you know.

  6. How sweet that Foggy is so curiously happy, and having fun exploring with you! You are braver then I, riding bareback while exploring. Keep enjoying, I know you will!

  7. Great riding photos I like the one of them looking over at the field. Sorry I don’t have any idea why they don’t want to go back, Niko my gelding is normally very happy to get back from a hack, but he does always have feed after his work so I guess he would be happy to get back.

  8. Ha! I think your smile says "HAPPINESS" and that is indeed beautiful :)
    That is so interesting about the patterns-I would almost think it would be backwards. Hesitant to adventure out and quick to return back vs wanting to adventure out for a year or so. I have NO clue as to how to keep it interesting? I wonder if changing up riding patterns would help? I love that you are riding 3 horses-how to do you have the time!!!? Lucky happy boys just love their home :)

  9. I love the "pretty in an Albert Einstein kind of way" comment! So perfect and true. Who wouldn't want to be pretty like that?
    I have such admiration for oyur horsemanship skills - a recently off the track thoroughbred going bitless and bare back on the trail - WOW! I can tell from all of your writing that you have great communication with your horses and this is a testament to it.
    I don't know what causes that early days exploring thing. My appaloosa is still like that after years living here, but won't take a willing step forward in the ring. Rogo is just going on hacks this year, so wants to go out and explore. Like you, I hope he keeps this quality, although it can be a little disconcerting when they don't want to go home. I'd be more nervous than you though, doing it without a bit or saddle :)

  10. In an Albert Einstein kind of way!?!?!!! That is so funny I almost peed my pants! I think the picture is fabulous and has much sparkle! I love your pictures of Foggy. How curious that Pie and Sovey have burned out on adventuring. Maybe they are just growing up and trying to get sophisticated! I LOVED your videos of Brianand Maizie. They are both so strong. Is Brian a rock climber too?
    PS I've been one poor correspondent too. but, on the other hand, Sister Goldenhair Surprise has been a longtime fave of mine!!

  11. Juliette, I totally understand how things come up and there are so many things to do, and it's hard to get to the computer.. I think lots of us are spending more time away from our computers - it must just be the season.
    How curious about your horses and their change in exploration! I wonder if after a bit of time, their sense of wonder changes, and it is found and satisfied more at home, rather than on long travels. Foggy's wanting to ride out and see the world must mean he feels confident, and curious, and maybe he sustains that much longer (for hours and hours) than we can ride. So going home happens too soon for him. And much later, maybe going home feels more wonderful than seeing a new field or a new country, so that is what they anticipate joyfully. Maybe their emotional and mental needs change over time. Just some thoughts... and lastly, that is so funny! - "in an Albert Einstein kind of way!" She is sweet, and it is a cute picture of you! (And sorry I am so late in reading this post!)

  12. I like the John Lyons solution for having a horse go in the direction you need on trail, and I've used it successfully a lot with our pony. Just start having the horse go a few steps and turns in every other direction. Soon the horse will want to just go straight in the direction you choose. The picture is great! :-)


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