Saturday, October 1, 2011

And still be friends, still be my friend


Here is the view from Sovereign's back.  This is kind of what I saw today on our bareback ride.  Again, the rain and mist prevented me from seeing all that lovely dappled sunlight. Yes, I had to borrow a photo from earlier this month again. We got another inch of rain today. I really can't take anymore. I am glad Sovey doesn't mind the mud and rain because, without riding, I would have definitely gone round the twist by now. 

I have the unbelievable luxury of being able to pluck a horse, today Sovereign, from the pasture and slip on the bitless bridle and hop on bareback and head out for an hour ride. My mother was watching me slide on Sovey recently and she remarked that I don't know how lucky I am to have horses like this.  She is right, I am lucky, but I do know it. I am SO grateful! I had ideas and goals about how I wanted to ride and these three horses evolved with me into my dream horses. 

There is such a close relationship between the three of them and I love that they include me in their group. The favorite part of my day is when I go to collect them to lead them inside the barn.  I tap the chain on the gate lightly and they canter to greet me. Pie always has to go in first because that is how the game is played. Pie used to assert himself to make sure everyone knew the rules, but now he is certain that we all know our parts and will play them correctly. Because of this confidence in his position, there is a comfortable "crowding" that occurs inside that gate without any posturing. I slip inside and often am putting a halter on Pie while being kissed and nuzzled by Foggy on Pie's near side. Sovey is an alligator and he has been known to bite humans. He knows this about himself and kindly keeps his body, tight against, but on the off side of Pie, so I feel safe. As I stand there with them I feel very blessed. Once I saw this (not so great but pretty) movie called Violets Are Blue.  There was a scene with Sissy Spacek taking photos of horses on Assateague and she was hiding within the herd when the "bad guys" came. I remember seeing that movie and wishing that I was smooshed in with those horses. Now, I get to live it each day with my tiny "herd" of three!  

The horses are in the barn again tonight. Even Pie seems resigned to the routine. He walked into his stall, turned around and snorted out a slow, sad sigh.  I know, sweet boy, this has to end soon, doesn't it?  Thank goodness we have a dry, snuggly bank barn for the years when the rain never stops. 


  1. It's great to have a close herd and horses you can just jump on like that. I think my little horse herd is the same way, and as much a family to me as a horse herd can be.

  2. Isn't it nice to be able to trust your horses that much.

  3. Very blessed! I know that feeling of being surrounded by them their sounds their smells and their warmth and just feeling overwelmed by the dream that has become reality.

  4. Juliette, what a precious moment you have at the gate with your three wonderful horses! That is so sweet. I know what you mean about appreciating their wonderful qualities that you get to enjoy; I, too, appreciate so much about my horse and know that I am lucky to have him.

    We have had so much rain here in Virginia as well. I know what you mean about how it gets to you. We just had a much nicer, somewhat drier weekend and it was lovely.

  5. Thought of you today as I got drenched riding on my bareback pad...thought I was safe leaving the coat in the stable. Ha!

    Your goals have come to bits , bareback, not a care in the world - your own dreamy world! They trust you and you trust/know them.
    I'm loving the rhythm, even though wet and indoors( think of us ) it will change soon enough.

    Hoping for some pleasant Autumn riding times for you and the family( you can take
    2 others now!)
    PS~ loved your sweet comments

  6. Bare back and bitless - wonderful! And to be able to do this with OTTB's is a credit to both you and the breed. I'd wrongly thought (probably like many people) that TB's were just too hot for this type of thing. I'm so intrigued by OTTB's from your and several other blogs I read.
    When I was shopping for Rogo he came in off of the prairie in this glorious herd of grey brood mares, with a few youngsters (he being one). They gathered around, and although I'd never met any of the horses I felt completely safe and oh so happy. Rogo immediately took 'ownership' of me and gently pushed away any horse that got too near, but without causing a commotion. It's a wonderful feeling. I'm off on a tangent, but just wanted to say I know what you mean about being safely snuggled in with a group of horses :)
    I hope it stops raining soon. We're getting lots here too.

  7. Carol!!! Your story of being picked by Rogo has always been my very favorite. I reread your post about it all the time. I love that story because it tells me that you and Rogo were meant to be together and Rogo new it. I love that! That story brings tears to my eyes.

  8. Oh my gosh, Juliette - that is so touching and sweet. I'm going to go re-read it too :) It was a highlight of my life. I believe he's a gift.
    The bond you've crafted in meeting your goals is very amazing too. Few people could do what you do.

  9. Isn't it wonderful to be surrounded by horses. I always stick my nose in Harley's neck and nuzzle his fur. I love getting the gang to bring in--watching their antics and faces as they come up to the gate, greeting you with nuzzles and nickers.

  10. Sounds like a very happy herd. I was thinking of your herd of 3 and how you were once worried it wouldn't work out; but now your boys have a friend, when you take one out to ride. The days where you have two gone out riding, well, they are used to that too. Well balanced OTTBS :) It does exist. They are pleasers to those that listen aren't they?

  11. Sissy Spacek all smooshed in with those horses? That cracked me up. I like to be smooshed too, only I get too worried about herd dynamics and think I might get smooshed by accident. Now that wouldn't be very Hollywood of me, would it? Like you, I am thankful for the charmed horse life I lead. This weekend is my 5th anniversay of buying Lilly from Bill!


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