Friday, September 30, 2011

That's the time I love the best

I rode both Pie and Foggy today. This is a photo of the sweet little Foggy-boy but it isn't from today. Still no sunshine. In fact we had two more inches of rain since I last posted. My boys were snug in their dry stalls most nights because our pastures and sheds are still squishy. I am so grateful we have the barn! Stall cleaning and mud grooming kept me busy because riding was out of the question. 

We did finally have a glimpse of late afternoon sunshine yesterday with a huge rainbow and cooler temperatures followed. Today when I rode, the boys were perky which is understandable given all their hours inside. Even though it was muddy and grey out, there were very few bugs - hooray! Temperatures are to drop tonight - I think our sweet, soggy summer is officially over. Boy, the horses will be feisty tomorrow!

Speaking of feisty, I think I fell off today!  I am not sure if this counts as a fall, because I wasn't really on yet, but I put my left foot in the stirrup and kicked my right leg over Foggy and I think my foot hit his hip bone. That made me pull back, worried that I hurt him - he may have moved too, I am not sure - but the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back! Ouch. I stood up and got on again and Foggy started to trot, right through the forebay! I guess he was scared, poor honey, wondering if his nutty rider was going to do a back flop again.  I stopped him and dismounted and brought him back to a different mounting block and made sure he felt comfortable.  He stood wonderfully so I got on and quietly asked for a walk. He walked off nicely and we had an exceptional ride. Good Foggy. 


  1. Oh man, so sorry for the unexpected events leading to a "backflop". Ouchola! Hope you took your Arnica!

    Foggy must have been a little worrie.d,.
    glad you had a redeeming ride too. Yea, with the soggies, at least the buggies are kept at bay.

    I grabbed a ride today too as tomorrow may turn wet for us second spring may be over. Though Wa may enjoy some downtime, I think.

    Take what you can get and live every second of it! Foggy mane wad so hiney and nice, sure love his coloring.

  2. Sorry you ended on your back, hope you are ok. We had a horse at the centre that got a shock when someone knocked him during mounting and he shot off. But they know who they can trust, which is no doubt why Foggy was so good for you on your ride.... dear boy :)
    We are having temperatures here that are breaking records, I have never known it to be so hot at the end of September. I left Spotty resting in the shade yesterday and helped with the lessons instead.
    Have a great weekend. Abby

  3. Oh, I'm so sick of bugs and rain. Yes, summer is almost gone. I barely had enough light to ride after work last night. And of course, today is a washout, but I spent quality time with Harley at the barn and ignored housework.

  4. Is today's blog title from the old Donovan song? I think I have a copy of him singing it with Joan Baez.

  5. Hi Imel - Yes, the post title is from Donovan's Colours. Donovan and horses just seem to go together, I think.

  6. I'm glad you weren't hurt. I did a similar thing with my Appaloosa Dan one time, which startled him to no end :). Your ride sounds great. Hope you get some sunshine soon.

  7. The weather is changing here too, we savor the remaining warmth & sunshine. Foggy is a good boy, not wanting you to get hurt.


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