Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There must be a Pony!

Our sweet Sage is at graduate school and she just sent us this fabulous postcard.  Do you know the story? If you click on the photo, below, you can read the words. Oh, I just love this card - thanks Sage!

I have delighted in my own optimistic pile all my days and now I get to really live it. Every morning when I walk through my pastures and see the many new manure treasures left for me overnight, I know there must be three Thoroughbred ponies waiting for me somewhere. And what a lesson for the rest of my day - and life. 

Pie's shadow waits patiently for carrots from my mom during our ride on Sunday.

We had a lovely sunny ride in the woods.  Pie is a gentle boy in the autumn light. I rode Sovereign yesterday and he was just as peaceful. Today is to be little Foggy's ride, but it is raining. I still might be able to squeeze in a ride between raindrops. 

I just fed Pie an apple and you can see his applesauce lips in this photo.  Our shadow looks like I am riding a camel or llama!


  1. What an awesome card!
    These days are perfect for riding (although we aren't currently) but also perfect for pony hanging out time too :) I love appley lips! What happy boys u have!

  2. I love that story of optimism. What a cute card! I will smile tonight as I'm shovelling manure.
    From Once Upon An Equine (google has temporarily disowned me again.)

  3. I love the card and your photos too... great shadow pictures. Spotty always licks my face after he is given a treat. His way of saying thank you!

  4. I love the story! I wonder if I am more like the pessimist at times. (Ummm, I will decline to answer!) I love those clear shadows of human and horses! Sometimes when I am in the sun in the ring with Lilly she will see our shadow and do a little start! And I say, That is YOU, silly rabbit!!!! last week we had some nice days...but I was stuck at work! Barf! Glad to see somebody out there is riding!!!

  5. I love the card! Made me smile (and so did applesauce lips)!

  6. Love finding your blog (hopped over from Skoog Farm blog)!

  7. Thanks for your note - Special hi to M. J. !


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