Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You're the best team I've ever seen

I put the boys out this morning for some happy romping in the "sacred lake" that forms when we have excessive rains. We call this puddle "Sovereign's Miracle" because he and I wished it to appear and it did! I hurried and cleaned all three stalls and scrubbed their six buckets before more torrential rains would force me to put them back inside. Fortunately, I was able to keep them outside until 3 pm. Our sheds are fine for normal rains, but the ground is beyond super-saturated at this point and it is silly for the horses just to stand in the sheds when there is no cessation in the rain. Maizie's school closed early today because of the weather. 

The farrier is coming tomorrow and the Dairy White man is coming Friday and I have three horses stuck inside because of a flood. Don't you love when you plan out everything perfectly and it all goes cracker dog? The Dairy White man removes cobwebs and sprays the interior of the barn with a horse safe white spray.  I have to move everything (that I don't want sprayed) into the tackroom or wagonshed and I didn't anticipate having an audience when I was moving things around. Pie, Sovey and Foggy watched my every move as I used ladders to take down clocks and cross-ties.  Pie was especially worried when I disassembled the "treat station" (photo below of Pie's beloved treat station after the Dairy White man brightened up the barn in 2008).

Close up of the homemade yummy treats!

I have had plenty of time to groom because of all the rain. Unfortunately, standing still is especially difficult for three cooped up boys. I can tell the sweeties are trying so hard to be good.  If anyone ever needed proof that horses do better outside 24/7 they should meet my three who are currently climbing the walls.  Pie plays frantically with his lips, flipping them up and down at high speeds so they make a loud flapping sound.  This is his way of expressing his nervous, pent-up energy.  His trimming should be fun tomorrow. Riding will be even more exciting...can't wait (eye rolling)!


  1. Your guys sound like Harley--best off when they can be outside! We've had continuous rain for days, but yesterday was chilly as well so the gang was inside for the day. All that Thoroughbred energy, pent up, just waiting to let loose--watch out Pete when you turn Harley out. The mud will fly!

  2. Imel - I just put the boys back out to let off steam before the farrier arrives at 10am. The mud was flying! In fact, a big wet clod landed in my hair! Good luck with Harley boy today.

  3. Val speed-flips his lips too, when nervous or confined. :)

    Wish we could get some of your rain to wash away the salt left behind from the hurricane tides. Oh, on second thought no. That would probably make the plague of mosquitoes even worse (if possible). It's gotten so bad they are spraying by airplane tonight...

    It is VERY worrisome when the treat supply looks to be compromised!!

  4. i think your horses live in heaven.

    i want to go to this heaven!

    your description of pie's antics is almost unbelievable. would you mind video taping that?

    what sweet wonderful horses you have, and TBs!!

  5. You can nearly always be sure that things won’t go to plan. I love the idea of a treat station I think Niko would too, those are some yummy looking treats. Is Pie a windsucker? The lip flapping sounds very similar to what windsuckers do, you could try some toys to stop them getting bored.

  6. Juliette,
    I love the photo of your three boys in the pasture, by Sovereign's Miracle lake, with their mirror images showing! So cute that they watched you arrange for the painting man, and especially when the treats section got moved! That's the most important section ever! Sorry that you are getting so much rain- will it ever end here? And wish we could somehow ship it to Texas!


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