Sunday, September 4, 2011

I "cloud nine" when I want to

I rode yesterday afternoon and then last evening I went back over to the barn for manure pick-up.  As usual, I had three helpers...Pie has his nose in the wheelbarrow and skinny Foggy is to his left. You can see Sovey's nose peeking behind Pie.

Here Sovey is nuzzling up his buddy Pie.

Sigh. Work isn't work when you are with horses.


  1. I agree with you last sentence. I clean up twice a day - early in the morning around sunrise and again in the evening. I love the morning hours while I'm cleaning up.

    Good post.


  2. Our horses normally like to come over and check out the wheelbarrow, they do quite often tip it over but your barrow looks to be bigger and sturdier than ours, it is true it never really feels like work with horses.

  3. They seem very "helpful"!

  4. So true. "Horse work" is a joy. But three helpers must make manure scooping an extra special challenge. I just have two helpers and it gets pretty comical when one stands right in the pile I'm trying to scoop while the other tips the wheel barrow behind my back. Gotta love em though.

  5. I love that little nose peeking into the picture! Everything they do is heartwarming.

  6. What a great line--and so true! I never think of horse work like I do housework--love the first, hate he second. And I could hang out for hours just watching the horses interacting with each other. Horses are such helpers around the barn.

  7. Work IS never work when you're with horses, too true:)


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