Monday, September 12, 2011

Steal the warm wind

These are Foggy's ears as we made our way out to the barstool this morning for a yummy apple. It was warm and sunny, but the bugs must have still been in bed because we had little problems. Foggy's head is high right at this point in our ride because to our left there was a man walking around on a roof (below).  This is right beside the house that was getting re-roofed when Pie and Sovey first came to us.  It will be interesting to see how/if the other two boys react to this project now.  Foggy did nothing but look.  Good Foggy!

My ride on Foggy was so great. He is an all-around wonderful horse. Other than the fact that he isn't an easy keeper, I can't see one flaw. He is gentle to lead and work around and a joy to ride. 

I have zero photos of me on him though.  I took this one of me in front of a window!

Here is one my mom took after she gave him an apple. She has a kaleidoscope style to her photography -lol!

I asked my neighbor, Toby, to take a photo.  He was so kind to do this for me.  Foggy is a little deer. I love him to bits.


  1. I love your pictures!The one in the window is so creative and I my favorite is the first one, with Foggy's ears! Glad you had a good ride!

  2. Glad everything is so enjoyable with your trio, smiles all the way around!

  3. I love your pictures, and your Mom's too :)
    Enjoy your warm sunny days on your lovely horses. Abby

  4. Sounds like all’s well glad you got some nice riding done without any bug problems.

  5. Hi you!
    Sorry, I am still having to post anonymously- because blogger won't let me use my google account on "embedded comment windows".

    I am so happy to hear of Foggys great self..and sometimes the hard keepers are such jewels..but they worry us so.
    I know..Pantz is a hard keeper too...we try and try and she either frets weight off..or we ride it off, trying to get her in shape. I think she has done some hard time in her life previous to my sister and is almost time for retirement.

    So happy that bugs were a non enitiy for you and you did get some pretty neat-o- shots on Foggy!
    Happy fallish times dear!

  6. Horses would not approve of humans on roofs! Ha ha, he was very good to be so calm. I love the window picture. Foggy sounds like such a sweetie.

  7. Nothing like a bareback hack when it starts to get cool. Love it!

  8. Juliette, Foggy is such a wonderful horse! Love the photo of you riding him. Glad you had such a good ride with him!


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