Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I was born in the sign of water, and it's there that I feel my best

The albatross and the whales they are my brothers.

And just like that song, I really was born in the sign of water (Aquarian) and I do feel my best here, but who wouldn't? Warm temperatures, quiet waves and...a few miles inland...

trail rides with good friends!  This one is of me on Max heading out with Jolayne on Summer. 

And here is a shot of Summer and Jolayne in front of us as we walk around the lake trail. 

In the photo, above, I am on a new little blue Roan mare, Cheyenne. Cheyenne is owned by my friends, Janet and Ted. Janet invited me up to ride with her last week and we had a great ride around her horsey neighborhood. Cheyenne is so very sweet and kind. She was a good girl even with all the Christmas decorations!

What a horsey vacation this has turned out to be!


  1. Looks great to me. Enjoy it for the rest of us.

    Have a blessed Christmas.


  2. Juliette, I'm glad you're having such a wonderful vacation, and still getting plenty of riding time. Merry Christmas!


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