Thursday, December 1, 2011

You fill up my senses

Wednesday's ride on Max was cold and cloudy, but still fun and safe.  We only had four riders this time.  Bay State Brumby asked if we had any kickers on the last ride.  We did which is why there are only five horses in front of me in those photos.  Three horses followed me on that ride and one mare was known to kick.  I said to the rider that she could put a red ribbon on her tail and she said that her mare should have a red ribbon all over her body!  

Max is very s-l-o-w so those riders had to be separated from the group.  I trotted that day to keep up with everyone.  On the ride yesterday, there were no kickers and Max could plod along just as slow as he wanted.  I did make him extend his walk at times to catch up, but I like that he is having fun at his pace so I don't want to hurry him.

Chip is the Palomino in front here and he was having a little fuss up about trash bags. Wednesday is trash day and each house had an assortment of cans and bags for the horses to walk past.  Max was so brave and happy to walk out in front.  His friend, Sunny B., was also brave and willing to lead and he was a bit faster than Max at the walk, but I love that Max feels secure enough with me to at least want to lead past the scary trash.  Good boy!  I can tell, Max is very bright.  Look at Max's cute black ear tips!  I love them!

Here is a view of the little yellow mounting blocks that are spaced out along the trail. They are made of concrete and very tiny.  

This funny photo shows just how far back we get behind the group. There is no excuse for the blurriness of this picture.  I had plenty of time to take a good photo of the woods and Palmetto bushes and trees with Spanish moss.  Max was in zero hurry.  He doesn't even care when the horses go out of view.  He is in his own little world back here.  

We finally caught up to them in the big open area.  When I rode through here on Tuesday, this spot was covered with Turkey Vultures. I believe all creatures have their place, but the poor Turkey Vulture is very homely, I think. Ick.

And here is Max's favorite part - post-ride grazing at the church! Yummy! He deserves it for being such a good boy for me. The sun came out which made it nice for both of us.


  1. Mounting blocks placed along the trail? Ok, I'm ready to move there right now.

    Looks like such a great place. Max is a doll.

  2. Looks like Max was listening to / for you... what a sweetie :)

  3. Not sure how you ended up being matched up & riding Max often (I missed something) in Florida - but he is simply wonderful! Glad you are having such a great time!!

  4. What a sweet boy Max is! Very brave and doesn't mind if the other horses move ahead of him. Willing to lead by piles of trash or be a follower. Wonderful horse!

    I, too, am charmed by the mounting blocks along the way. How ingenious!

  5. What a good boy Max is, and how great that you're in Florida! Seems I was reading about last year's trip just weeks ago...
    What great trails you have to ride on. Enjoy!

  6. What a sweet angel boy!! AND I'm sure you are transmitting your positive and calm energy to him; he seems like a willing taker/listener. I would be tempted to take him back to add to your herd! ;)


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