Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunspots have faded

Thank you dear blogging friends for all the great ideas, kind words and encouragement after my last post. We are in a deep freeze right now, so the mud has become frozen. Our temperatures are supposed to go to 50 at the weekend, so I will be employing the many great suggestions.  

As the days stretch on and I get used to the pastures and their current appearance, I am realizing that some of my reaction stems from my own lack of light. It was quite a shock to return from the "Sunshine State" to "Sunless State" - Pennsylvania. We have nice sun in PA for a few hours a day, but then the clouds return and it can get depressing fairly quickly.

To buoy my spirits, I rode my fat boy, Pie, today after lunch. The first few minutes were in sun, but then the clouds moved in. It was windy and cold (25 degrees) and I wore my Carhartts and Sorels and used a saddle! Pie was very good in the woods and only threw a few bucks at the end when leaves rustled behind us. My reins were twisted and ended up over his right ear (!) but I recovered and had him walk out like a sensible boy for a few minutes after the upset. We ended on a great note and I was so proud of him. He is a loose cannon at times, but it is obvious that he wants to do so well for me. He LOVES it when I say "Good Boy" almost more than treats. Almost.  

Speaking of treats, the photo at the top is from a February 2009 post when Maizie and I baked Thoroughbred Yummies in preparation of Pie and Sovereign's arrival. Tonight I am baking similar little cupcake/molasses treats for Sovey with his Mag Restore hidden inside.  Kristen of Sweet Horse's Breath kindly linked me to TB at X's blog post that talks about the benefits of balancing magnesium in ouchy horses like Sovereign. Sovey is a pill to groom and tack. His tenderness is caused by something that I haven't discovered yet. In the meantime, I have learned to "dance" around him in such a way as to be able to groom and tack effortlessly, but it is odd to have a horse that no one else can even touch when on the ground. (He is a joy to ride!) So when Kristen read this post she thought of Sovey and passed along the info. I ordered the powder and am having a fun time trying to give it to my highly intelligent patient. Tonight's cooking class will be how to secretly deposit two scoops of Mag Restore powder into the middle part of Thoroughbred Yummies!


  1. Magnesium is wonderful! I give Shy a supplement due to her nervous behavior. There is a definite difference and she is much calmer. I look forward to hearing how it works for Sovey!
    Kristen is wonderful and full of great advice!

  2. Those yummies look yummy! I should make those for Harley and the gals for their birthdays! Can you post the recipe?

  3. Imel - If you click on the "February 2009" post link (above) - the recipe is in that old post. Pie and Sovey love them. Foggy is scared of them, but he always is frightened to try a new treat and eventually becomes the biggest fan. I am sure Harley and his girls will love them!

  4. Allison - That is great that it works well for Shy. I can't wait to see if Sovey improves. You are right - Kristen is the best! You all are the best!

  5. Juliette, Sounds like you had a great ride on Pie! I, too, think that telling Buckshot "good boy!" is so important to him. I would be curious as to how it would affect him for a week if I didn't say it, but I never will try that even if I am curious. I love to bolster his self-esteem.

    I know what you mean about how the sunshine affects our moods. We have had more than our share of winter sunshine here; I'm going to box some up and send it to you right away!! :)

    Your baked horse treats look wonderful! What a good idea to put the magnesium inside of them. I hope they help Sovey; I'm sure he doesn't want to be so sensitive, he probably just can't help it. Your horses are so lucky to have you as their mom!

  6. Just read your post below regarding pastures. No matter what our horses do to them in the winter, they end up being just fine the next spring. I don't even give it a thought anymore.
    They are horses. They need some variety outside of a paddock. Winter is boring...mine totally like going inside at's peaceful, cozy, and they are out of the mud/snow. I have no sense of bad breathing conditions in the's a very soothing space. Don't worry so much. I'm sure your horses were not upset about being in the barn when it was raining hard. You did them a favor.

  7. I give Val magnesium - there is much less unnecessary foolishness since I started. Good luck - those cookies look good!

  8. Those horse treats look good enough for people to eat. And so nicely presented. Glad you had a good ride and found some sunshine.

  9. HI YOU!!!
    OH I am so glad that you go0t to ride that Pie and improove on the days look!!
    Love the Restorative treats with special secret ingrediants! I too give Wa mare a Magnessium supp...for her absorbsion and temperment.

    I instantly thought of you as I read about Sovey and the brushing frenzy...I too have one that dances and wants to leave for her sensitivity...the TTouch book I borrowed is AWESOME for such things. The woman, Linda Tellington J. is a marvel. She has learned all the moves on other animals and that's why they have such exotic names such as the one I think would help Sovey- "CLOUDED LEOPARD TTouch".
    > Builds confidence and trust
    > Deepens the horse/human bond
    >Improoves willingness and ability to learn
    >Enhances coordination and suppleness
    >Eases soreness and stiffness
    She has 5 other solutions, for 'Grooming sensitivity" that do not include this one... You may like to check out this neat book at the library, I am finding it a God send.

    You take care and MARCH and daylight Savings is JUST around the corner girl!!
    Welcome back, bet the ponies where so happy to see you!!

    1. Years late! I read this tonight Kacy. I never told you I love all the TTouch stuff! Thank you!!!!

  10. Oh, I hope they help Sovey out :) Those treats look good, I'm going to dig up the recipe too!! HUGS


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