Thursday, January 19, 2012

What a drag it is getting old

I hope sweet Sovey doesn't think it is a drag getting old because today was his 8th birthday!  Hooray! He does however think farm equipment abandoned in our field is a drag...

 I never saw his ears so pointy...

His head was in my lap in this picture and his heart was beating right out of his chest. I was on bareback and I could feel his worry. My mom is walking toward us in these photos, but Sovey is only looking at that contraption. I phoned the farmer and asked him to retrieve the offending machinery. He said he has a flat tire, but will get to it soon. It was a fun training device in November. Not so much fun now with our chilly temperatures. 

This is more like my Sovereign boy - bored and annoyed with all the birthday boy picture taking. No pretty ears up here. We walked through the woods and a fat deer jumped out at us. Sovey just sighed, "Ho hum. I am not afraid of that silly deer. But, big orange hay rakes are scary!"

Today was 22 degrees but SUNNY and no wind!  I had on my Carhartts and Sorels - with two layers of pants and four tops underneath. Snuggly warm.  

And here is a Mother's Little Helper - muddy Foggy grazing later in the day. He will be the 7 year old birthday boy in a few days!  My January birthday brothers. Sigh.

Here is chubalicious Pie with his mud beads. I groomed every speck of mud off all three boys. They each went back in the pastures and rolled.  What is the point? And (!) how do they find wet, goopy mud when it is below freezing? It does give me a workout though and I stay warm.


  1. Happy Birthday to Sovey!!

    And horses have a special knack for finding mud or anything that will make them dirty!

  2. Love the mud beads. My Annie likes to wear those too.

  3. Happy Birthday to both. It is interesting what horses will spook at. One nice thing about our place here in New Mexico is we have sand so our grooming is usually pretty simple. When the sands dries, it just falls off.


  4. Happy Birthday to the boys of January! Love those mud beads--isn't it amazing how they can always find some mud. I love the ears looking at the big scary hay rake. I can relate entirely, Juliette! At least you're getting them out there, even when it's frigid. Good for you.

  5. That is some mudball! hahahaha! I totally love your carhartt suit. I really need one of those but I suppose that once you are in one, you are really in it! No easy pee stops! Still, I like the idea of being that warm and being that windproof. I see those pointy ears! When my Lilly gets that way I call her a Thoroughbred! All tall and skinny looking! I doubt that when a Thoroughbred gets that way you call him a Paint! hee hee. Stay warm and enjoy the sun.

  6. I know that head high, ears perked look so well. Sometimes, I'm tempted to scream just to make them spook, lol!! Isn't that awful?! They are just so WOUND that I just want it over with! hee hee, usually like Sovey, Laz does more of a pretend to be scared and doesn't react so silly in actuality. Just LOOKS and stares it down. Happy Bday Sovey!! You're a baby still :)

  7. Very, very pointy reaction to the worrisome hay rake. At least - your Carhartts + multiple layers would have protected you should you and the birthday boy parted ways! ;)

    We are lucky to have sand here. Although - my guy has taken to sleeping on his poo pillows this week, so has filthy stains all the same.


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