Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This is pure and simple

Here my little Foggy boy is quite worried about something. He was feisty on our ride yesterday. He has been an implet recently, shying at this and that, bucking his little round bunny bucks, pretend nipping at my pant legs. Foggy what has gotten into you? I think he is finally putting on the proper weight and with it comes extra energy! He is a bird. He definitely has a sweet, smart, sneaky, light-hearted way about him that makes him lowest on the proverbial totem pole, but first in adorableness. The other boys won't let him drink and pick on him, but then he wiggles around and always gets his way. I get mad at the other horses, but if you watch long enough, you see Foggy nipping at them and eventually getting what he wants. 

Here he is stretching his neck and head down low in a relaxed walk.

I love this one because you can see his cute eye lashes.

Happy spring rides to everyone!


  1. I love Foggy! Maybe the extra weight and the spring weather have him all perked up?

  2. He's awfully cute with gorgeous lashes. Males seem to get the longer lashes don't they? Maybe he has a little touch of spring fever and is feeling pretty feisty!

  3. Hi You!

    Whew, I have been away far too long.

    Nice looking SPRINGTIME Riding Jules! Foggy and my mare have the shying in common- these days- Something in the nostrils and unseen by the eyes. That is far worse than seeing, and not smelling!
    Good to hear that Foggy has blossomed some and always does get what he needs. His lashes are so cute. Mine has barely any to mention.

    It has been hectic in our parts of late, it's "One Ride at a Time".

    Riding through you~

  4. He's for sure feeling GREAT :) Hoorah! I love his Foggy coloring and mane :)

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  6. An adorable implet to be sure!

    Val and Cowboy would like to be energetic enough for shenanigans, but the plague of flies has kept them in check during the day. I see signs that they are acting up at night when they feel some relief.

    Sounds like Foggy has gotten wise to the ways of his pasture mates and uses his sparkling personality to get what he needs. Brainy and beautiful!!

  7. Foggy isn't going to miss a thing with those ears on high alert. What a cute boy, and such a beautiful long neck.

  8. Spring fever has him feeling good! Have you had a lot of wind? That's got the whole gang jumping sideways--oh, and oversexed wild turkeys running through the woods as well. Hah! Love the long lashes--what a cutie.

  9. Sounds like you've been having a great spring with your beautiful boys. I love your expression 'bunny bucks'. It's such a good description and I know just what you mean - they aren't intended to do harm, just expressing exhuberance.
    I've seen how weight gain can change a 'quiet' horse :)You'll have to make sure he's getting lots of exercise lol. Happy spring!

  10. Juliette, I love your descriptions of Foggy - so sparkling and lovely. He is such a special horse, that's for sure, and it is fun to hear about his personality. Sounds like he has grown a lot wiser about how to get his horse brothers to do what he wants!! What a smart horse he is!


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