Sunday, May 27, 2012

And out in the woods with the badgers and the wolves

Here are the sweet brothers, Sovereign and Foggy, kissing out on a ride! This was their first ride out together all alone without boss-man, Pie, along. I met a wonderful riding friend, Barbara, on our trip to Florida this past year. Barb was able to visit us in Pennsylvania and ride with me on Thursday and Friday!

Here Barb is on Sovereign. We told her to lean forward to stay with the motion in case Sovey skitters around at all. We had one small shy, but Barb stayed with her horse perfectly. She is a calm rider with soft hands and very little worry. My heart was beating when our horses shied because I didn't want to lose her, but she was laughing and said later that she enjoyed the excitement.

Barb rides sweet Titan, a smaller horse that she leases in Florida. This was her first time on a Thoroughbred and her first time riding with a bitless bridle. She did super well. Her eyes popped out of her head when we groomed the enormous Pie in the barn because she couldn't believe we were going to ride elephants like that! Sovey is 16.2 so he isn't quite as big. My Foggy is a tiny one - probably only 15.3 or so - I haven't measured him yet.

Too bad Maizie was in school because we didn't get great photos of our rides. The woods were fragrant and lovely and we had a perfect ride in there, but I only got this blurry picture. Foggy is a fast walker, unlike the molasses Pie, so many of the photos are blurry!

After we finished our ride through the fields on Thursday, four deer jumped through the field and over the new pasture fences. They were amazing, but I was breathing a sigh of relief that we had returned and dismounted before the deer performed their acrobatic maneuvers over the fence!

I met such fantastic horse people in Florida this year. I am delighted that Barb was able to visit and meet my horses and ride with me! In addition, Barb brought her adorable new Miniature Pinscher puppy, Baker, with her. We loved up that sweet puppy at every turn. Baker has the cutest felt toys in the shape of a screwdriver and a saw and a wrench. Barb and Baker came to our house and he brought his screwdriver with him which cracked me up when I spied it on our floor during dinner. On Thursday afternoon, when the horses were out in the pastures, we left Baker loose in the barn. Later, we discovered a tiny "present" in Foggy's stall! Baker must have thought that this was clearly a place for such activities!


  1. How fun that Barb and Baker (I love those prancy min pins) got to visit. And so convenient that you have "spare" horses for visitors to ride. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

  2. Juliette, What a fun time you had with Barb, and her cute puppy. And such nice rides on your wonderful horses ( I can't see the photos - something about my computer I'm sure - but I know they are great photos). I've never ridden a TB either; I can understand her trepidation with such a tall horse!

  3. It is really nice to have great horse friends. How fun that you and your Florida friends can visit each other. Your pictures look great. The fields you ride in our so pretty and I love the path that is cut in the grass.


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