Friday, June 1, 2012

feathers for my head

Yesterday was cool and sunny and I was able to ride all three boys on the same day again. My third ride was on Foggy and we accidentally ran into a tree. Foggy lowered his head and was uninjured, but I got the brunt of the sharp thorns of an immature Locust tree. My arms were a bloody mess and I had branches sticking out of my helmet. My mom's sympathy was non-existent as she doubled over onto the ground in laughter at the sight of my "feathered" helmet. I fell almost completely off the back right side of Foggy and lost my reins, but somehow managed to stay on as he trotted forward in fear. I have close calls, but this was the closest. I don't think a fall would have hurt as much as the branches - I am bruised and stiff this morning!

The good news is that our rides recently have been punctuated with baby animal sightings. Birds and bunnies are tiny and adorable in every corner of our farm. My Memorial Day morning ride on Pie delivered the most amazing sighting of all. Pie was forcing me to ride him through the high hay field. The day was already hot and muggy and buggy and I think he was trying to get the flies off his belly. I was looking frantically for groundhog holes and trying to keep his feet out of them. Pie has super sensitive sides and will turn his hunches with just a touch. I used this technique to avoid a tan "spot" in the hay and then I saw many white spots on the tan spot. Unbelievably, it was a baby deer asleep in the hay just inches from Pie's back foot!!! The baby's little eyelashes were so long and black and he/she didn't move a muscle. Pie never saw the sweet thing as it got up and trotted off. The hay was much taller than the fawn. I have said numerous prayers that it has a mommy somewhere on our farm. I can't understand why it was all alone and so tiny.

And more good news - we scheduled three equine massages for the boys! Next Wednesday, a therapist from Philadelphia is coming to work her magic on my sweet horses. After reading this amazing post on Kristen's blog about Laz's bodywork complete with breathtaking images, I researched Masterson Method practitioners in Pennsylvania. Sovereign is the reason I am doing this at all because I believe there is some latent pain that causes his constant cranky demeanor. He is sound and healthy by all measures except for his disposition. Pie and Foggy, by contrast, will melt into two horse puddles during their massage, I am certain, because they seem comfortable and happy all the time as it is. A deep massage will only intensify their joy. Sovey, though, is an altogether different kettle of fish and my hope is that we somehow permeate his stiff, ironclad exterior. Any insight and release would mean more to me than words can express.

And, in frustrating news, my blog is undergoing a series of disappointing problems. The current situation has culminated in a new address: My blogspot address is now but it doesn't seem that my new posts appear in any Blogger Reader. Update:  To see current posts, please select "stop following this blog" and then select "follow this blog" - that is supposed to work anyway. I guess I am just blogging to myself again. Oh well...that is how it all started back in 2008.


  1. I can see your blogs, dear second cuz. And find them -- always -- so enlightening and amusing.

  2. They are showing up on your blogspot-I can see them!! I'M HERE!! :) lol
    I hope you and Sovey GET A LOT from this method...and u can carry a lot over after your session! :)
    I'm sure Foggy will show the MOST releases as he seems quite in tune with his sensitive side. I bet brave Pie will 'try' to hold them in and then come undone..that is how Laz was and is at very beginning although he's morphed into a chakra puppy lately! Give Sovey time to adjust, ask your professional if she thinks it would help Sovey to come in and stand in one of the adjacent stalls during one of the other boy's session. Crazy enough, without being 'touched' they get a lot from another horse's releases...they pick up on that. It may help him ease into his treatment. Justin at my barn, hung around the ENTIRE 3 hrs and kept snorting and breathing with Laz. Different but he seemed to get some benefits as well :)
    Also, have her check out his 'ulcer' spots to see if that is a clue??? Sometimes that can lead to crabby behavior, although it would be crazy for him to have an ulcer with his lovely life!!! HUGS!! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. LOL I know how you feel hahahah I've been "feathered" before.

  4. Don't worry - your followers will always find a way to you!!

    Glad you didn't get a sharp stick in the eye. We have those locust trees here too - they are invasive in our climate, and some of them emit a chemical that will kill any other trees that try to live near them.

    Lucky boys! Can't wait to hear about their body work day. :)

    I've been having blogger trouble too... my os can't handle firefox's updates anymore.

    Yesterday I couldn't get to my blog or most any other one. Time to set up my new laptop I guess - can't put it off any longer. ;)

    (sorry for the novel)

  5. Calm, Forward, Straight - Please write away - no novel apology necessary! Grateful for the reads and visits from you my dear blogger friend! Good luck with the laptop setup. These things seem to take weeks to work out the kinks.


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